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I approve of this post necro

Necromancer Rager, 3 cost 5/1 common neutral minion. Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 copy of a friendly rager that died this game.

Angry Rager, 3 cost 1/5 rare neutral minion. Rage - Just like magnetic but only for ragers.

Shapeshifting Rager, 3 cost epic rager, 5/1. Each turn this in your hand it becomes a random rager and retains this.

Rager Queen, 6 cost 6/2 legendary rager. Battlecry - Fill your board with random ragers with +1/-1.
Rager Management:
9 mana, Shaman Spell
Give all your minions +5/+1. Costs 2 less for every Rager on board.

All’Da Rager:
6 mana, 5/1
Battlecry: Summon all Ragers in both decks to the board.
The Testing Pens - Quest. 1 cost neutral legendary quest. Have 6 friendly ragers die. Reward - Ultimate Rager

Ultimate Rager, 9 cost legendary 9/3. Rush. Deathrattle - Fill your hand, board, and deck with random ragers. They each gain one random keyword.

Examples of keywords

Deathrattle - summon 2 1/1s
Disguised Toast Rager, 3 mana epic 3/1, Battlecry - IF you have 10 cards in hand somehow OTK with this minion.
The True Rager
3 mana 5/1
If your opponent squelched you deal 10000000 damage to the enemy hero
Math Rager
3 mana 5/1
Battlecry: undo all changes made by cards that depend on the mana value of cards in a player's deck, and effects that depend on the mana value of cards in a player's deck can't activate for the rest of this game
Zomrager, 6 mana epic minion, Discover 2 ragers and add up their stats and text and cost.

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