Baku Hunter and Pally

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Well, I feel like this two are a little bit not fun to play against, I'm not saying "NERF THEM". Its just its feel like there very few thing you can do to protect against the 3 dmg every turn and all charge of the hunter, like by turn 6 you are at 10 or the constant 2 1/1 per turn.
Any suggestion against those two?
Even Paladin beats both.
Baku Hunter still exist? I thought the deck perished already lol. We have a few taunt decks being played and Baku Hunter has no chance against those decks, other aggro/tempo decks are also tough for Baku Hunter to deal with.
Baku Hunter was strong when the expansion was fresh but quickly fizzled out. Hunter in general is already severely lacking in several areas. Going with an even/odd deck of any sort makes the class considerably weaker than it already is. It doesn't take much to shut it down & other decks are simply leaps & bounds superior to it. Paladin is too fast & other classes like Shaman, Priest & Warlock can out heal the damage before they are able to stabilize.
Imo, Baku Hunter is not even a tier 2 deck.

Baku Pally is really strong, and fun as hell. Hence, lot of people are playing with it. Soon a lot of decks would be made to beat it easily.
Low cost minions with high health can keep the first couple of turns under control, then at turn four, start dropping Saronite Chain Gangs and Argent Defenders. It should be game over at that point as you heal back up and capture the late game.

What class are you playing? Even Shaman, Even Warlock, Taunt Warrior, and Taunt Druid should all be able to handle Baku Aggro decks pretty easily.
I beat and get beat by baku paladin all the time, it's far from being OP.

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