Why CUBELOCK needs to be addressed

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ive posted numerous thread, going into detail how the deck is broken and meta warping. not so much as a blue sniff

how do you know ?
Cry more. We warlocks feed on tears.
04/20/2018 07:52 AMPosted by Quux
Cry more. We warlocks feed on tears.

It's a card game. You're not really a warlock.
When it comes to cubelock, the only card that needs to be changed is Dark Pact. Changing it so it can only target demons would be a massive setback to Cubelock decks. That one card is one of the big reasons why Warlock can have big turns. Both Possessed Lackey & Carnivorous Cube aren't demons so it would become more difficult for Warlock players to trigger there death rattles the same turn those cards are played. At the very least, they will no longer benefit from the 8 points of healing due to not being able to target those cards. It would make Cubelock much more beatable than it currently is.

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