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04/14/2018 02:45 PMPosted by Hatigarm
elemental mage is too tempo

I've never seen a more incorrect statement, much less one that made less sense. Since when did tempo = bad?
Are you actually playing any of these new Mage decks?

Elemental Mage is pretty darn good right now with all of the draw at its disposal.

Tempo Mage with Aluneth, Vex Crow and cheap spells is possibly even better.

If you're under the impression that the only way Mage can win is with a bunch of burn, you're sadly mistaken.

Edit: Nvm, you already deleted your OP while I was typing this. Man I've really gotta get better about quoting people...
Weird thread. OP seemed to have deleted his original post, but the response came just in time to necro the thread before it got destroyed.
Anyway, the OP was complaining about a lack of viable mage decks. He sort of has a point, the mage isn't the worst class atm, but it's not great either. Mage is doing "eh ok" right now.

-elemental minion mage....rather complicated late game deck that is very hard to pilot against brutal aggro decks like baku paladin and baku hunter. I predicted elemental minion mage would have a hard time against aggro decks before launch, it does.

-the "new" secret mage deck, where our new baby Vex Crow pet makes up for some of the loss of Crystal Runner and Medivh's Valet, is it enough? I dunno, it's not a horrible deck, but it's not amazing either
OP? :D

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