Disenchant or Keep?

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I opened Dollmaster Dorian a week ago, should I disenchant him or keep him?
Thanks for the upcoming answer!
It's not essential to any decks. Wild Big Rogue seems to use it sometimes but it's not that good right now. I'm keeping mine because the effect looked fun when it was announced but you could be forgiven since it's not useful right now
I got the golden version and Im going to disenchant it, I just havent figured out what would I do with the dust yet.
I suggest you never disenchant any legendary cards. if you play wild people come up with crazy/fun decks all the time and this card could be in one of these decks. Same thing in stander, this card will be around for 2 years you don't know what will happen in the future.
If you need the dust then sure, go ahead and disenchant the card because it's not good in any standard deck at this moment. If you don't need the dust just keep it.
Keep it. 400 dust is nothing and if you DE, you're sure to get him again when your pity counter resets.

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