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Hey guys, I am going to make one last post here. Some of you know me, and surprisingly some of you even like me. For those of you that know, I have recently played less and less Hearthstone, and I have finally decided to actually leave the game behind. I feel obligated to both the core group here, and to Blizzard, to list some of the reasons why I’ve made this decision. Some of you might agree with me, some of you will definitely disagree, and this might elicit some anger, but I want to be clear about something: I am not mad, I am not trolling, I am simply looking to give feedback for a game that I did at one point truly love. So, without further adieu.

1.) I have simply grown bored of the game. No, not of the meta, or the available cards, and definitely not of the community I have become a part of. Just of the game. I came to Hearthstone after a long and relatively successful career in MtG, looking for a place to play a casual card game at my own discretion (no need to travel or sign up for anything to play, can play at all hours, etc.) Hearthstone filled that role for a number of years, but I have grown tired of the simple mechanics and deck archetypes available. This isn’t because I think Hearthstone is bad, I just yearn for something that tests my mind more.

2.) It has become a money sink, and with MTGA out, I simply cannot afford to play anymore. My time and money are going to MTGA, again not because Hearthstone is bad, but because I think the investment in MTGA is worth more than it is here.

3.) Stale metas and lack of diversity have become burdensome. Every game has these same issues, but because of a lack of mechanics in Hearthstone, playing out of the box decks is very difficult. Of course, there are lots of people who have tremendous success with whacky decks, but none of them really FEEL that different in the end. I want to play a Flash deck and never play a card on my own turn, or play an Approach of the Second Sun deck and never play a creature. I want to feel something again, and despite my love for this game as a whole, I don’t have that same excitement and genuine joy for it anymore.

This is really hard for me to say. I’ve played in one capacity or another since beta, and I’ve made a ton of friends here. I really wish you all the best of luck, and I really hope that things only get better and brighter for all of you here.


Sorry to hear you are leaving, although I may bump into you on MtG arena , as I have started playing it too! have you got the same ign in arena?(I do , still Megajeff!)

Got to admit I'm feeling pretty jaded with HS at the moment and am spending more time playing MtGA, although I am going to keep up with HS for a little while at least (I want to get some value out of my WW cards at some point!).

Will miss your great posts on this forum, but hope you enjoy your new gaming environment.

Good luck!
That's too bad. I agree with the stale/diversity thing although personally I still very much enjoy the challenge of creating decks and trying to beat the meta.
You'll be missed, as will your intelligent posts, come back and say hi sometime!
Take good care.
Take luck
Still use the discord channel though! :(
Stay on Discord =)

Since I am now in MtG:A I wonder if I'll be tad more HS jaded in the coming month(s).
Take care.
Sad to see you go, having you around was enjoyable, we sometimes agreed and sometimes disagreed in discussions but I always felt that you put thought into what you posted which I appreciate.

Good luck, and don't get bricked on land too often :)
I wish I could cube this post, Copy my cube, and twisting nether, then guldan res this post for 10 total posts

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