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sick of this deck 6 games in a row like its not fun anymore its played out bs, but of course instead of nerfing this deck BAM lets buff it with more annoying tech cards
Almost like we are being trolled...

I mean kinda sorta somewhat a lil bit?

I think the truth might shock some peoples...
Im sick of cube and palli decks. Blizzard has done nothing about these deck, in turn makes me believe its a money making ploy to have everyone invest in buying to build these utterly broken decks. I've not seen any Blizzard staff address this massive issue. The game is becoming stale due to these broken !@# decks
Pally is more annoying
big priest is far more annoying
cubelock is really annoying because its control + some kind of aggresive otk.

In my opinion, Control warlock is fine and zoolock is fine but cubelock is just too much.
Get good and learn how to beat them? I play cubelock, I also play other decks and the one I'm using now beats cubelock 70% of the time
the game is such trash. Recruit demon + restore 8 health every single time. Oh you got a board? well it just so happens to line up with delfie perfectly, oh I got hellfire too hahahaha such awesome, recruit stupid 3/9 taunt with 3 voidwalker deathrattle, have fun seeing that card 6 more times hahaha I drew perfectly and had every perfect answer every turn hahahaha such skillz. GAME IS TRASH
lmao this game is dead af. the 'word of mouth' advertising is horrible, new player experience is now a wall that just cannot be overcome and new players looking for info will find forums full of how bad the state of this game is. who would even want to try this game? if i hadnt started at the beginning and just now found the game id try it (maybe) and uninstall. same decks for weeks and weeks. STALE. no one i know in real life plays this trash.
and not a word from blizz. why? because we know team 6 is a pack of untalented "creators" and sometimes its better to let people think your morons than to reply and prove them right.
If you play CubeLock then you're the cancer in this community.
05/06/2018 10:04 PMPosted by Valshaw
If you play CubeLock then you're the cancer in this community.

Looking at your post history it seems the only two adjectives you know are 'Cancer' and 'Impossible', as you use one or the other in every single post for the last 3 months. Makes one wonder why you are still playing the game if you hate it so much.
I agree..cubelock is bs..lifesteal, demons..cube, void..then hey ill just summon them all back and then get more lifesteal..i have beaten the deck on occasion with spiteful druid..but more often than i lose..F this trash deck.
Cards that cheat out high cost minions was a bad idea. Unfortunately this tends to be the K&C trend with Warlock or any class running spiteful summoner and high cost spells. Warlock has it doubly bad because of their DK card.

This blows. What's the old saying though, "if you can't beat them, join them"? Who has 6k dust to spend on cube-lock cards?
They cant just go nerfing decks whenever unless they're too oppressive. Quest rogue pre nerf was god awful and they got to it relatively quickly. The issue is, people spend dust on cards that are pretty much only good in certain decks, then they nerf it and people are pissed that they wasted dust.

Id much rather have a hesitant stance on nerfs. I lost a ton on my quest rogue deck, although I didn't mind since it was broken as hell.

To beat cubelock, you need to be aiming to end the game as quickly as possible. I think people struggle with adapting their play style which leads to all the frustration.

TLDR: Dont play decks that dont win, and be as aggressive as possible while playing smart against cubelock
I really dont enjoy taunt even if im playing some.
05/06/2018 12:05 PMPosted by ZeroCool
Get good and learn how to beat them? I play cubelock, I also play other decks and the one I'm using now beats cubelock 70% of the time

I see this response in almost every thread. Go Epeen somewhere else if you have nothing to contribute. I happen to agree with the OP.
Sadly it's one of the few decks that deals with the stupid agro and ridiculous summoner decks

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