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Been watching streamers play arena and they always mention how there is more classes getting good decks however for me the only things i see above 5 wins is paladins and all of which are still playing at least 4 steeds, so honestly i don't see any changes being made.
i laugh at people who listen to streamers .... you dont have brain of your own ?
I haven’t played Arena since the first week of May and I started a Paladin run yesterday. I’m 5-0 with a deck that has a solid curve and good card quality that’s highlighted by 2x Stonehill, Truesilver, 2x Steed, and Vinecleaver.

I have played Stonehill three times today and my picks have been Tarim, Tarim, Tirion. I will complete the run and then go back to ladder because Arena is clearly still a clown fiesta.

Someone fix it, please.
05/21/2018 08:39 AMPosted by psymix
i laugh at people who listen to streamers .... you dont have brain of your own ?

Anyone with a brain at all can see that paladins are completely, and idiotically in control in arena.
They should just officially change the name of Arena to Uther vs Arthas make the 3 classes a Choice between which Paladin Portrait you want to use and make every Pick Silver Sword, Spikeridge and the 3rd card a random curve filler so your choice is either take the curve filler and if its too junk you have the option to take a busted card instead because that basically what Arena is now.

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