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Sorcerer's Apprentice + Deck of Wonders.

This is just amazingly hilarious, ESPECIALLY if your enemy is using Neutralize. I just had a game where eventually a deck of wonder's card cast "Explore Un'Goro", turning the 50 cards in my deck into 1 cost "Discover a card." I had one last sorcerer's apprentice in my hand, making them all 0 cost. I discovered Antodias, but my opponent conceded before the shenanigans got out of hand.
Clutchmother and Soulfire
Paladin with Murloc Tidecaller and Hydrologist was fun. Slower than most of the really aggressive decks, but the secrets add some fun options.

Warrior with Armorsmith and Geosculptor Yip was really inconsistent, but a lot of fun when he worked. I even beat a fatigue Druid who was using Branching Paths and Naturalize when I lucked into summoning Tyrantus via Yip.

Warlock with Devilsaur Egg and Dark Pact was inconsistent as well (but less so). On the other hand, it consistently beat Mages with Mana Wyrm and Arcane Missiles (those who used Primordial Glyph instead of missiles were a different matter).

Finally, Shaman with Wax Elemental and Earthen Might was a lot of fun, though quite dependent on luck with random generation of elementals.
Well that was fun before everyone started playing the same 2-3 decks.
Dark possession with fungal enchanter was pretty fun vs my friend. Not sure if it works at real competitive levels but you can heal your dark possession target right back up.
Also tried shaman with blazing invocation (discover a battlecry minion) and unstable evolution. And rogue with pick pocket and blink fox. Had a hard time clearing my hand even while my friend had duskfallen aviana on the board, so for sure change blink fox to something else.. But discovering all the strong druid cards was a pretty cool.
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Naturalize and ferocious howl.

Seemed stupid, but I always try to go way outside the norm after getting the pack. I'm 2 and 0 with it so far. Just armor up for several turns while filling the hand with naturalize. Then on 4 or 5 blast their board and make them way overdraw. They are then stuck not playing minions while you gain tons of armor. Once fatigue hits you win easily.


Was playing the same combination and in 4 plays I recieved 2 friends requests full of rage :D
Armor Smith + Warpath has been my favorite, so far. There is even some strategy, such as holding Armor Smiths in some match ups, so that you can throw down 3 or 4 at once for a big armor turn.

This vs Mana Wyrm + Missiles is hilarious! They end up giving you armor with missiles, and once you hit turn 6, you can Warpath their board away every turn.
Alarm-o-bot and Deathwing. Staggeringly I actually won my second brawl with this.
fire fly + earthen might
Blazing Invocation + Lightning Bolt

The Bolt serves for some measure of board control, while the Invocation can help dig a win con somewhere down the line.

You know, having said that, maybe I should try Witch's Apprentice + Blazing Invocation for sheer randomness too XD

Oh, and another one:

Genn + Explosive Trap

As long as your opponent doesn't burst you down with Mind Blast or pumped minions, you can keep poking on the face from turn 1 XD. Was thinking of replacing Explosive Trap with either Wandering Monster (for board presence) or Rat Trap (can trigger against minionless decks), though, not sure if I should.
Had surprisingly decent success with priest, spirit lash and pumpkins.
It obviously loses against the top decks like wyrm and arcane missiles etc., but other than that you can withstand a lot.
Enemy plays lots of minions? Heal up by lashing. Enemy learns to only have 2 minions out? You can heal for 10 and create 10/5 stats with one card.

It'll go to fatigue and you have loads of healing :-)
plated beetle + mountainfire armor
call to arms + knife juggler
Lightwell and Innerfire are interesting. But I haven't played many games with it yet.
I cleared with a turn 2 concede with Lost in the Jungle + Lightfused Stegodon.
Upgrade + Shield Block. Weapon gets bigger and bigger, you get armor and draw power.
Don't discount Bring It On + Warpath...enough board clear and enough armor to last you until the end, works well since most players are throwing low cost minions anyway.
Wild Growth + Lich King

If they have a full blown aggressive deck you'll lose, but dropping lich Kings starting on turn 4 is rough for every other deck. It's fun at least. Army of dead is absurd.
05/17/2018 06:38 AMPosted by DrFuzzyGlove
Wild Growth + Lich King

If they have a full blown aggressive deck you'll lose, but dropping lich Kings starting on turn 4 is rough for every other deck. It's fun at least. Army of dead is absurd.

That actually sounds pretty fun, I might give it a try.
Warlock - Voidwalker + Vicious Fledgling
Mage - Sorcerer's Apprentice + Cinderstorm
Archmage Benedictus + Duskbreaker. Druids will weep.

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