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I don't know what it is or if blizzard just riggs it (joke) but every arena run is an opponent with answers off the top every turn every game, I can't play any card without them top decking an answer. Yea i'm upset over losing but not 1 game but about 5 arena runs have been like this.
Rigged? Depends how you look at it.

You can see board clears and some other removals are pretty common in Arena. It's a control heavy meta. That's why your opponents have answers to your cards so often.
yeah my last and final loss I have cards 1 2 3 4 5 6 but the RNG KEEPS giving me high cost cards, mulligan those and get them right back. The Mage gets when you draw this minion 2 cost gain a spell. Plays his 1 drop 2/1 dmgs both of us. Next plays his 2 drop orc get free spells. Next turn plays stonehill defend. More free cards more spells and there ya go game. 1 2 3 4 5 RNG vs wth?! Why does one side get top decking other side get the shaft?

We both got random dragons off of deathrattles same time. He gets Emriss Legedary make all your minions in your hand extra Godlike. I get a crappy 5/6 give your enemy coins when you die. Oh and he had Ysera. So that could of been the random he got as well.

Flip a coin You win I lose.
06/14/2018 07:29 PMPosted by nimabi
Flip a coin You win I lose.

New arena is all about it. 50% winrate on arena for each player is good for Blizz, since you can't go infinite.
The business plan is to sell as many packs as they can, and infinite arena players don't buy packs - they play arena instead, converting their time to packs, gold and dust. It crushes their strategy. And some genius has gotten an idea: let's increase RNG up to the sky (RNG is so much fun, guys, right?). So everybody got like 50% winrate. It means 3-3 on average.

"Say NO to infinite arena-players!" (c) Blizzard, 2018

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