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Is there a logging problem from Desktop application and from phones? I can not log to my account either from desktop app or from phones already for more than six hours. Anyone more having same issue?
OK this post from WoW forum helped to login from desktop Bnet application:
The same problem. Can't enter the game from android app for a few hours already. Eu server.
Hi everyone,

We've noticed a large number of connection problems for players in Russia who are trying to play Hearthstone. All of you are from Russia, so this is probably the problem you are experiencing. Our networking team is investigating now and working with the ISPs in your area to try to help them fix the problem.

If you aren't located in Russia, you aren't having the same issue as players in this thread. You'll want to start your own.

Some players report that using Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients may work around this problem while your ISP fixes the issue. Keep in mind that some VPNs may not be legal in some areas, so make sure to check which VPNs are allowed in your area.
I also have kinda the same problem. There’s a huge latency every time I start a match, even in Adventure mode. And in Collection menu, too.

Also EVERY time I launch the app, it starts downloading some updates, “unpacking crates”, etc. I mean, literally every time!

I’ve tried updating to the latest version of iOS, but it hasn’t helped.
I use iPad Air 2.

And right now I can’t connect at all, even with VPN. “Playful sprites have...”, “You were disconnected” - is it maintenance right now?
Hey all,

I wanted to let you know that we've reached out to the impacted ISPs. It seems that the cause of these login problems in Russia should be fixed now. Some ISPs are still picking up the update so if you're still having problems like BLZBNTBGS80000011 that started on the 17th of June, reach out the the ISP and make sure they've updated their DNS.

As for Elias, you have a different issue than the players in this thread. If you're still having connection problems, you should post a thread of your own or contact our support team.

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