Arena Micro-Adjustment Update – June 20, 2018

Arena Discussion

Micro-adjustment values for cards in Arena have been updated based on the recent performance of each class. This update excludes data from the ongoing Taverns of Time event.

As explained in our recent blog, our goal is to even out win rates for each class, specifically for each to have a win rate close to 50%. Most classes have win rates within 1% of that target, but a few do not. This micro-adjustment update will do the following:

    • Druid and Paladin have been overperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been lowered.

    • Warrior and Priest have been underperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been increased.

We would also like to share some bucketing changes made specifically for Taverns of Time. You may have already noticed them in play. We see that you have been enjoying this Arena event and want to ensure you get the best experience you possibly can.

Together with the micro-adjustment update above, some Taverns of Time cards have had their buckets changed to more closely match their effective power level.

The following cards have been moved upwards in buckets:
  • Cavern Dreamer
  • Master of Realities
  • Timeway Wanderer
  • Timebound Giant
  • Chromie

The following card has been moved downwards in buckets:
  • Timeline Witness

Thank you all for your continued feedback. :)

Cheers and GLHF!

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