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(I'm expecting all the die hard arena fans to bash this post already. So go ahead as it really doesn't matter because nobody's going to get butt hurt except yourselves.)

First off, what is with finding opponents within the first 3 matches that draft 3+ legendary cards (and I mean these are amazing Legendaries) when I myself only MAYBE get 1 tops. Most of the time I get 0 and they are like the worst kind. (imagine Nat the dark fisher or MMstorm)

Secondly, I find it so stupid that as soon as you get 1 win it's straight down hill 3 loses in a row. Like I've seen some amazing decks at w1/L2 and inevitably 1/3.
Recently I have been lucky if I see three wins.

From what I have gathered there is no point to playing arena as it stands right now unless you are sucking the Luck God's dong and draft perfection. I do however agree that it takes some measure of skill to do well in arena. That being said however you still need the cards to be decent in order to succeed.

Does blizzard have some sort of pity counter for arena? I imagine some sort of tracker that says "HA HA GIVE ALL THE TERRIBLE CARDS!!" and then 40+ arena drafts later. "Here, have one good draft.... but still lose 6 and 3". Is there some sort of secret to getting better arena drafts? (Like start a draft exactly at 6 AM PST)

All-in-all if you have 150 gold buy a pack and not a draft because you just saved yourself 50 gold to spend on the next pack rather than throw it away in the virtual trash bin.
Yea i totally i agree. It´s so unbalanced. Everyone get legendary and epic cards. I win 1 time and lose the rest because of this unfair system...

no legendaries no nothing just good old fashion smash your face with agro rogue it's so fast games were over by like 7-9 turns priest survive extra 3 turns then gets stomped flat it was pretty disgusting

every game was > 25 HP at no game was a threat just roflstomped every clown to 12 and yes that's my real gold ^^

12-1 Lost my game because of RNG 5050 to win and yeah just lost from that

Worm gaurd Bone mare Deranged Doctor Primodial Drake and Voilet Worm


apart from that 3 blink foxes strong 3's and heal 2 shadowblades were awesome to trade up and remove

2 Cheap shots were super valuable mossy horror did huge work on spread boards ...... no legendaries just pretty average stuff really

master of disguise was really interesting card hid a lot of 1 hp minions so ping classes couldn't touch was great

Rewards : 485 Gold 1 Pack Meh i'd prefer dust gold isn't an issue for me atm

do u think i need a legendary? check the deck? it had not a single legendary!?

Wrathblade#1420 NA server u might need some lessons
The thing is good players tend to get few more wins out of every deck.

I have played 32 runs in Boomsday. I have 0 runs that went 0. Two 1 win runs. 4 two win runs. All the way up to four 12 win runs.

I have more 12 win runs than runs that ended at 0 or 1.

First step at getting better is to stop blaming drafts or other irrelevant things. If you play and draft badly you will get bad results. It is up to you to improve your game.

Another thing with good and bad drafts is you need to know which one you have.

With bad draft you will need to take more risks and be more aggressive. If the game goes long opponents with their better decks will crush you.

With good draft you need to try to avoid risks. You have good deck you will win if something crazy doesn't happen.

About the balance. I agree that deck strength have too big cap at the moment. But it has been like that pretty much always in arena. The key is to ignore that and do the best with what you got.
Arena shouldnt need to be balanced,random draft with no card blocks or deleted cards thats how it should be.
You want balance?Standart format ready for you)
Arena already looks like carbage with 20-25 grey cards in deck,not even interesting to play,quite more balance and it will be second standart format,realy.

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