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I am starting off this post as a thread for players to discuss the desire for "auto-squelch" or the ability to turn off squelch completely, rather than a game-by-game basis. This thread is for feedback and (civil) discussions on the matter.

Those looking to disrupt, troll, start any kind of flame war or just plain be rude will have their comments removed and possibly be actioned. If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see.

For any who post, please post respectfully and help to keep this conversation open and moving forward. As updates or comments from Dev become available, I will get them posted into this thread.

Thank you!

My opinion on the matter is to leave it the way it is.
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I am in favor of the option. Every player interprets emotes differently and should decide if they wish to keep them or have them off without unnecessary hassle.
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Let them have it, but superimpose a giant red X and earmuffs over their hero's head so opponents are aware that they can't speak or hear you.
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It is simply a Quality of Life issue and no reason to not have it in the game.

Do some people get upset at emotes? yes

Do some people just not want to hear them anymore? yes

Do some people use emotes to be jerks? yes

Do some people use emotes to be social? Yes

Should we keep forcing people who don't want to be social to keep clicking every single game just to please those that do? NO

It will NOT affect anyone that doesn't want it so again no reason to not have it.
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Just put it into the game so we don't have to see these threads anymore.
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This thread is like the girl or boy you like who gives mixed messages as to whether or not he/she wants to be with you.

There has been plenty of discussion: I don't see where the harm is if Blizzard implements the option.
I am ultimately opposed to Auto Squelch because, although people are doing it manually, making something automatic just, in my opinion, goes against the spirit of the game itself.

The developers encourage people to meet face to face in fireside gatherings so it's safe to say the developers want the game to be community driven and social.

They put the emotes in there for a reason.

I respect the players who want squelch to be a toggle I just wish they didn't feel like they "had to" squelch every game. It upsets me they get so upset over "words". It's all (mostly) in good fun when you get "threatened", right?

As I said, I'm ultimately against anti social behavior in what I believe is a social game, but, if they implemented Auto Squelch I'd still play the game. I'd just be a little sad.

Imagine a field of puppies and every time you ran to pet one, they ran away from you... :(

Come back Skruffy!!! Come back!!! I just want to pet you!!!!
I agree that, ultimately, the use of the emote system should be the purview of each player in any individual match, provided they are not abusing it. :}

Fostering proper and polite communication is hardly feasible without a true chat system, such that we must work with the limited emote system. Furthermore, there are other issues in this respect -- such as the inability to easily report players and the ability to spam emotes -- that should be addressed first.
To that end, it is my humble opinion that "Auto-Squelch" should be an option in an "Advanced Options" menu (default Off, naturally). However, as the sublime ScottTheJedi suggested, there should be some sort of marker -- albeit a more reasonable one -- for the opponent that lets them know they are squelched in a given game.

Also, if I may, I'm sure I speak for many people when I ask that Team 5 kindly reconsider the removal of "Sorry;" replace "Wow" if need be. The former had much more valid uses, while the later is almost always used to BM to some extent.
I believe the social systems of this game are highly lacking, and the emote system was a half-baked attempt to put in some kind of social system solely because having an online game with NO social interaction simply didn't make sense when Hearthstone was conceived.

Don't get me wrong, it has its redeeming qualities whenever you introduce a Tavern Brawl, Solo Adventure, or card that changes heroes and thus emotes. It does seem strange that one of the times I most enjoy emotes is a game mode in which I am NOT interacting with other players at all. I've used more emotes in the Dungeon Crawls than I have within the PvP part of the game at all in the past two years. This conundrum should clearly point out that the emotes, while providing occasional fun flavor to parts of the game, make for a very poor social system.

If I had my way, the game would have a fully fledged social system every bit as robust as World of Warcraft... or at least Diablo III. I'd love to be able to chat with opponents, and simply mute the toxic ones, just as I did in World of Warcraft. I'd love general and custom chat channels where I can talk to people, strangers and friends alike, organized by topics I am interested in. I'd love to join a clan with friends and exchange deck ideas. I'd love to be able to trade cards (but I realize that one is probably never going to happen even with a robust social system).

In the end, though, as much as I'd love those things, I feel they are probably too much to ask for. It would be ridiculous for me to assume THAT conversation never took place, so NOT having a robust social system had to have been a deliberate decision. Emotes, however, are not a tried and true social system. Hearthstone was the experiment to try them out, and I think that experiment is a failure as far as social systems are concerned.

So, barring a real social system, and given the continued existence and reliance on emotes, I have absolutely zero interest in social interaction in this game. It fulfills no need for social connection and I have never been glad to have been emoted, even when it wasn't BM and spam. I have occasionally been tilted by it, but all that does is make me not want to play the game for the rest of the day, EVEN KNOWING I CAN SQUELCH THEM. Bottom line, prior to getting an addon to do it for me, if I was in a bad mood and someone BM'd me with an emote, you lost a player for at least the rest of the day.

I don't like using an addon for this feature. It is harmless, which is why you have ignored it so far, but it technically breaks the ToS. It is a bot that controls my mouse movement at the beginning of every game to squelch my opponents without me having to remember. I would much prefer to have a single small little checkbox for this built into the game. It would make me feel better as opposed to using an addon, and would carry over to my phone when I play on the mobile client.

There is a rebuttal to autosquelch that claims other people WANT to be able to interact with each other this way. This rebuttal is meaningless because of the existence of manual squelching. Players who wish to interact with me are not because I am already squelching them without the feature. They do not know I am doing this, and an autosquelch option would not change their experience of the game in the least.

The other rebuttal is option menu bloat, and this is a slippery slope at best. The options menu of Hearthstone is already sparse, or minimalist, if you prefer. One small check box with "Auto-Squelch" written next to it is not going to bloat anything. If, in the future, you choose to add MANY MANY more options to the menu, this might become a concern, but I highly doubt that will ever be the case, and even if it did become a problem, you merely have to triage the options that exist to determine which ones stay and which go.
Disabling communication channels is something that is already present in other Blizzard games and it has never been a problem.

But to just to go over the developer responses. The first is options bloat. Meaning that going from 7 options to 8 options would somehow lead to 800 options at some point... I guess. I don't think I can talk about this much more without starting to sound rude.

The second response is that they fear emote use would decrease. This in essence is keeping squelching inconvenient for the sake of inconvenience, so that it too inconvenient to use often. It doesn't seem like a great way to design entertainment.
06/21/2018 12:44 PMPosted by Paf
I am ultimately opposed to Auto Squelch because, although people are doing it manually, making something automatic just, in my opinion, goes against the spirit of the game itself.

[/quote] Emotes are childish. You wouldn't watch world championship chess where the opponent sarcastically yells "SPECTACULAR" when you move a pawn.
I am in favor of having autosquelch for the next things:

1- The squelch already exists, even if it doesnt exists, it will not change anything to the player who is emoting because most of the people wanting this don't emote back so they are (in most of the cases) not affected by this decision because the other player will never know if their emotes are being watched or not.

2- The decision of read or not read is from every player in almost every multiplayer game (i know this game has no obligation to be like the rest of the games but you can't force people that doesnt want to talk to talk, specially if they are triggered because some people emote in a malicious way).

In resume, i believe its a good thing to have because it doesnt affect the player who emotes, but helps the player that don't want to see it and just play
I have seen a system that is pretty good for this in another game. It is included in the parental controls outside of the game client, so it would be an option on this website similar to buying wild packs.

The options range from open communication, which is full chat without language filters, all the way down to no chat at all. When two players are paired up it uses the lesser setting between them. So if you find that you cannot type to your opponent it means you are limited to pre-approved recorded audio phrases (emotes). Even there, I'm not aware of any way to shut off the emotes as the option is to turn chat off. However, we already have squelch for emotes so if the decision is to include options then they all might as well be there.
In my opinion, a chat system you can opt out of would be great. It should also include a report feature. Currently, there are people who get away with saying some very unacceptable things when abusing the current system.
All you have to do is adding the option to toggle it on/off.

I don't think it's a big deal.
06/21/2018 12:47 PMPosted by Phobetor
However, as the sublime ScottTheJedi suggested, there should be some sort of marker -- albeit a more reasonable one -- for the opponent that lets them know they are squelched in a given game.

I think the X would promote roping or other BM.

I really think a "Only match with players with emotes enabled" is a fair option.

I truly don't care about my queue times.

I want to be paired with people who share a similar play style and idealism.

And yes, manual squelching is happening now, and aside from the obvious lack of communication or if I catch them pressing my portrait, I don't know about it.

But, with an auto squelch toggle active it would allow for a routine to be in place that could detect a squelcher preemptively and I wouldn't have to deal with the (automatic) silent treatment if I didn't want to. (yes, if I BM'ed or spammed I could still me manually squelched, OFC, but I don't, so I shouldn't)

2 cents, GJ Jesse with the thread consolidation and active monitoring and flame removal.
Certainly it should stay the way it is, squelching an oponent should be used only in case his emotions are not even relevant, like repeating "greetings" 3 times a turn without any reason.

This, as a multiplayer game, should come with interaction from other players, even more so if you do not enjoy it. Squelching someone "just because" is taking out the human factor from the game, making it feel like a single player.

You should be sometimes mocked and laughed at. Because same as the world we live in, in hearthstone, we interact with people...
At the very least if blizzard doesn’t want auto squelch:

- Don’t let people emote AFTER someone dies

- Try to limit how much people can spam emotes

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