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I haven't posted for a while, its been much more enjoyable (and less stressful) to just have fun reading the salt and the various spurious arguments that crop up. This topic is, however, enough to drag me out of lurk mode. I, for the life of me, do not understand the resistance to adding a toggle to automate what many already do manually. I play the game to relax, or to have something tactile to mess with while im absent-mindedly doing something else. In neither case does having the rare bit of BM facilitate that, so i normally right click squelch immediately. Making so i untick a box in options when i want to duel friends would be so much more convenient than the current form. Im not going to get into any philosophical or moral arguments because, honestly, theyre completely irrelevant. This is an option that exists. There is a way to make it eaiser for those who do it anyway. There are folks who truly, honestly desire it. It feels almost intentional in the weird tone deafness this has been handled.
All that being said i would like to second what others have brought up; why not take the opportunity to implement a true chat or in game social option as well? Im still not going to turn on the annoying emotes but it would be nice to hit a button signifying intent to chat, they see it on their end and comply (or not, there are definitely !@#$ty people on the web and i wont fault anyone for not taking a chance), and then i ask what the hell is this deck cause it's hilarious.
Anyway, i genuinely appreciate y'all finally stepping down from that prior sound bite that the 'MVP' and others liked to bludgeon others with. Its cool if after all this its still not done, i guess i can still right click. But i cant overstate how nice it is to get some discourse, specially in the shadow of the recent path kerfluffle. Cheers, and i hope this stays as respectful as you intended.
I'm in favor of the implementation of the option to mute all comunications Both ways I do feel that if you as a player don't want to hear emotes from your opponent you sould also at the same time not be allowed to emote yourself and have a simple optical indicator when one of the players has this option on.
The emote system is simple and very subjective in it's interpretation, much of the time is used to annoy the opponent yet other times i'ts used for actual social interaction and even mind games or pointing out istakes to new players in a polite way.
As it has been pointed out it would be a good cuality of life change for those that subjectively interpret the emotes as constant harrasment, so if said players don't want to participate in the use of this social comunication tool they should have a way to do so while acepting to not participate themselves in the use of said tool, what would make it unfair is if said players abused the tool in the same way they complain about it hence why a total mute option both ways would be in my opinion a fair option.
Wow, an actually Blizzard operated auto-squelch thread, sweet.

I’ll put my vote in for auto-squelch. For me emotes don’t make the game feel more social or multiplayer, and they are more likely to be a bother then a useful tool. I’ve made the habit to squelch at the beginning of every match and it’s made the game more enjoyable for me.

You provide the option to squelch because you understand not everyone likes emotes, I don’t understand the seemingly insurmountable leap to making it automated.
It's not needed. It would make the UI too cluttered for me. Also, its incredibly unintuitive to be able to even squelch your opponents in the first place. In no other games can I turn off the voice acting of the game characters. I can't stop Liu Kang from saying "Yayayyayayalallayayya!!" when he bicycle kicks me in Mortal Kombat.

Why would anyone need to turn off the voice acting of a cartoon character in a children's card game anyway? Do people honestly get upset when cartoon Jaina says, "Hello"? Seems like feature bloat to me.
I guess you cannot go wrong way if you make it optional. Those who would like to use it would use it, those who do not think its needed wouldnt use it.

Just implement it to "Options" . Something like "Squelch" on/off

Win-win situation.
I'm in total support of the option. I auto squelch at the start of every match, and it would be nice to be done with it once and for all.

Those who enjoy emoting, can keep doing so. Those who want to squelch, can have permanent squelch. Nobo is harmed in any way whatsoever.

Besides, i do believe displaying any X or any sign of being squelched would encourage BM of some sort, or roping. Therefore, i dont think the opponent should know whether he is squelched or not.

Simply put, play your game, let the others play theirs.
06/21/2018 12:42 PMPosted by ruu
This thread is like the girl or boy you like who gives mixed messages as to whether or not he/she wants to be with you.

There has been plenty of discussion: I don't see where the harm is if Blizzard implements the option.

they already decided not to for now

this thread is here to stop all the spam about it and keep it all the discussion on one place
now that we have a place open by a mod to do it people cant complain if they refuse to discuss here and get their threads deleted or locked for spamming
It is not an important feature. There is a squelch button for a reason. Use it and stop complaining about how you have to click it each game.
I vote in favor of auto squelch. The arguments against it are ridiculous. The arguments for it are decent.

I also vote in favor of banning people (or at least deleting all their useless garbage) who spam every thread on this topic (including this one) with multiple posts that accomplish nothing other than to stroke their own ego and fulfill their need to argue for the sake of argument. There's already at least one person on here who's posted far more times than could remotely be considered productive.

I'm sure some green text will come in and try to start another big argument sooner or later also.
I'm pretty indifferent to whether or not the feature gets added. I use and enjoy emotes, but I'm sure I've played against plenty of folks who squelched me from the get-go and I'm still alive so it's no skin off my back either way.
Thank you for starting this thread.

Auto squelch is not an option I'd likely use, but I 100% support its inclusion, on the basis that social interaction, even by way of emotes, can be triggering and lead to anxiety in an activity that is supposed to be fun and fulfilling.

Furthermore, what my opponent decides to do regarding squelching or not is entirely their business, not mine. Nobody owes me listening to my emotes, just as in real life nobody owes me their time for any reason.

The current squelch toggle is insufficient for players who want auto squelch as a) it is not always reliable and b) it allows opponents a chance to sneak an emote before the squelch.

Just like how Blizzard rightfully changed the Fatigue text to be gender-neutral, auto squelch is a positive, progressive quality of life change for people who want it. There is no reason to adhere to some ideal that players are entitled to put up with opposing player emotes, no reason to withhold the option.
06/21/2018 12:31 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
This thread is for feedback and (civil) discussions on the matter.

Thanks for this thread, Jesse.

06/21/2018 12:31 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see.

Personally, I'm ok with participation from folks who might not support the feature, as long as they remain civil. It's those discussions that help truly identify the pros and cons of such a feature. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant.

So forgive me taking the easy path here, but I'm going to copy-paste-edit a previous post of mine that presents my thoughts on the issue:

I support the implementation of an auto-squelch toggle. It would improve my game experience. I really dislike the emotes and they can be extremely upsetting to me. In order to avoid enduring my opponent's emotes, I use the manual squelch feature. I'd like to see that feature enhanced so that once I decide to activate the squelch on an opponent, all my opponents will be squelched, perhaps by way of a toggle in the options menu. There are very few options there, so there's no risk of "options bloat." Also, I'm squelching them every time, so there's no lost "communication" since I wasn't ever communicating with them.

This would be a nice and simple convenience for players like me, rather than being forced to manually click the opponent's hero, then manually click squelch every single match. It becomes quite tedious to do game after game after game. After all, nobody would appreciate having to re-adjust their volume settings every single match, right? Unfortunately, the player created mod that performs this function automatically only works with the deck tracker add-on, which only functions on the PC. As a mobile player, I'd like a similar option.

(Side question to Blizz: It has been suggested that the use of this plug-in may be a breach of the game's terms of use, as it technically automates a minor game play action. What is Blizz's official position on this plug-in? Are players risking the loss of their accounts by using it?)

Additionally, mobile players also suffer occasional short term disconnects. This results in the squelch falling off the opponent, meaning that far too often we actually have to squelch our opponent multiple times each game. A squelch toggle would eliminate this problem as well.

The only developer comment on this issue was a single 20 word tweet from 4 years ago by the former game director. Subsequent blue posts have only stated that it is not on the agenda at this time, but fail to provide any insight into that decision. The blue posts merely state that the position remains, referring back to that one and only developer tweet from 4 years ago. I realize Jesse did acknowledge this in another thread, so hopefully we will see some insight in the next "Tavern Talk".
It doesn't personally affect me, but having that option would be good for some players, I guess. For me, I would love other QoL, but this thread isn't for that.

It doesn't bother me. If someone auto-squelch, then perhaps you should let the other player know.
I support an auto-squelch option. The more time I invest into Hearthstone, the less I really need to hear "Wow".
06/21/2018 12:31 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see.

Thank you for this post! I was honestly considering quitting Hearthstone because I felt like the dev team didn't care about our concerns. This post shows that the dev team is listening. I especially appreciate the portion that I quoted. It seems that flaming and trolling has occurred too often when it comes to this topic.

In terms of auto squelch, I do think that we need it. I am forced to play Hearthstone with mute on because I can't stand the emotes. I don't bother squelching each game. It's too much of a hassle. For people who think that someone is anti-social for not wanting to be degraded, I leave the following example for you.

Baker: Here's your bread. It's ASTOUNDING!!!

Customer (with ears ringing): I wanted sliced bread.

Baker: Sliced bread!? Isn't bread good enough for you???

Customer: Sliced bread please.

Baker: Well played. Well played. Well played. Your victory proves nothing!
It couldn’t hurt having the option to have it turned off all the time. More power to the player.
Most people won’t even bother but for the people who desperately want it, you would make them very happy.
I am a big fan of the passive-aggressive manual squelch.

You know that your opponent is leading up to their victory celebration "Well played" just before they drop their win-more card. It is the moment they have been waiting for the entire game.

So you wait, and you wait, and, when you can sense them bouncing up and down on the seat "oooh oooh here it comes, this is the moment, gonna 'well played' him. so rekt, zomg PWNed" you slowly and deliberately mouse over his portrait, give it the squelch, mb mouse over again, nochalantly, to make sure they know you know that you have just sucked out their entire reason for living.

You are going to get roped. They are going to take their entire turn before making their lethal. Like they are going to pass up on the slopppy-seconds-last-word. Anything is better than nothing, right?

Gives me a chuckle.
06/21/2018 01:02 PMPosted by Knappco
Is there any chance we can get answers to the other questions surrounding this topic, Jesse? Like why this system was implemented in the first place, as opposed to a more traditional chat system? Or why there is reluctance to change any part of the social systems of Hearthstone?

Whenever Dev talks about something, we look to get as much info to share as possible. Should additional feedback on the topic become available, I will see how deep into the topic they want to go and will provide what transparency I can.

Just a reminder, this is an area to discuss the topic, provide feedback and add to any comments you feel relevant. A couple things I ask for comments not to do is:

- Please do not speak for others. The only opinion you can be 100% on is your own. Try and avoid things such as "so many players", "majority of people" or "everyone wants". To often I have seen these comments turn threads into the type of thread we want to avoid. Besides, this is a chance for YOU to deliver your feedback about something meaningful for you. :)

- Don't make it personal over another's comments. If someone is misinterpreting you, feel free to clarify, but please try and avoid turning it into a back and forth argument. These are the type of things that stick out in a thread and cause it to appear as if it is just a trolling/flaming fight.

- Respect each other. If someone does not agree with you, that does not mean anyone is wrong. Different players have different experiences just like people play for different reasons and look to get different things from their time. If someone has a different perspective, feel free to discuss it, but attacking someone for it will not be tolerated. There is just no need.

- Watch making assumptions. If something appears a certain way, that doesn't always mean that was the intent. This goes for everything from Hearthstone to comments being made.

I don't want there to be any topic that we can't openly discuss, but it takes all of us to make it work. If you see someone being toxic, please try to just ignore them. Don't quote them or respond. Leave it (or report it) and we'll take care of it.

Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute in a positive manner.

06/21/2018 02:52 PMPosted by NiXDart
It's not needed. It would make the UI too cluttered for me.

i don't know how it would clutter the UI as it would be in the options section and it is pretty small.
06/21/2018 06:18 PMPosted by Nautika
06/21/2018 02:52 PMPosted by NiXDart
It's not needed. It would make the UI too cluttered for me.

i don't know how it would clutter the UI as it would be in the options section and it is pretty small.
I think his comment might have been of the facetious nature.

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