Cool idea for all golden heroes reward

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A golden version of the basic cardback.
That sounds pretty cool actually. Sign me up.
A prize fitting the accomplishment, nice idea.
07/17/2018 02:39 PMPosted by FoxMulder
A golden version of the basic cardback.
isnt it already golden?
Sounds good free collectibles are always appreciated, plus the requirement takes awhile so it is more appreciated than something you get just for logging in.
Currently the only card back that signifies a significant achievement is the Legend Card back.

The monthly ranked backs, special events and pre purchase backs dont count.

I would love to see a golden version of the basic cardback

Great Eye Deer OP
it'd be sweet of they made a different legend cardback each season too, there's a new mount/portrait each season on hots for master/gm, new titles/mounts/achievements for r1 and glad on wow why not on hs?
Signed, I like the idea,

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