Is it just me or Magnetic seems pretty snowballing?

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08/06/2018 04:27 AMPosted by Archvile
Crowskin + portal + magnetic

Malygos Druid
Just another reason forcing you to run tech cards.
In constructed there are tools to deal with it, but in arena its going to be a nightmare yes, you basically are forced to clear every mech that hits the board or you risk losing the board beyond recover.
I'm glad silence only gets half value against magnitized minions. Otherwise the Magnetic keyword would be neigh unplayable.

Lets be honest. Silence is already a strong effect. It didn't need to be a hard counter to 3+ of the newly introduced decks this expansion. Its not like silence even has its own counter, given that it often comes as battlecries and thus 'untargetable' doesn't help.

Silence will still be effective against mechs, even if it 'only' removes a couple of abilities off a minion. The magnitized mechs will still be vulnerable to hard removal as well.
As a priest player I should note that buffing single targets is a VERY bad idea, too much silence and hard removal. At least in standard.
It's a bit like your magnetic minions having conditional charge. Good news for aggro players and it might help keep some of the late game decks more honest.
08/06/2018 03:50 AMPosted by Lemminkäinen
08/06/2018 03:39 AMPosted by Haunter187
Silencing them gets rid of any special effects, but they keep the combined stats. They work like zombeasts.

Really? Wow! They might actually be viable, then.

Wait what, really? Holy !@#$.

Good job I've been using control decks that don't rely on silences.
08/05/2018 11:30 PMPosted by Siperos
The more reason to have Silences in your deck.

Yep i love all that available unnerfed silence cards mate! Like Spellbreaker and Spellbreaker and sometimes Spellbreaker!
Actually, just played around with Mech Paladin. Silence removes everything, from buffs to shields to whatever would've been counted on the Klangor spell card.
yes silens work, but you still gotta deal with 4/4 strealth turn 3 into 9/9 to face on 4 if the mechdeck get that draw, and the silence still leaves a 4/4 mech that can be magnetized again.

magnetizing on a smaller minion like a framebot is a little bit more punished by silence.

I think we can start assuming the mech package is pretty damn aggressive and strong, it's a little weak curve-wise when you have to play a 1/2 on turn 2, but the tempogain after is insane.
Hunter mech tech is actually great at wrecking magnetize mechanics without running a single silence. Not that hard to get early deathrattle free trigger off of spider bombs and fireworks guy. Being able to run the scorpio mech which kills almost every single early mech before it has a chance to attach is great. Then you transition to DK rexxar and go value. Also one missle mech and a toxic magnetize and you have the old aciddmaw combo but with a way better stat line.
08/05/2018 11:21 PMPosted by TheLegend27
I don't know guys...

From what I've seen so far, Magnetic can be snowballing because if you have a Mech ready to hit face, its almost like giving charge to your other mechs that you will magnet to it.

The downside of magnet is that you dont spread on the board and you put your eggs in the same basket.
Magnetic is literally putting all your eggs into one basket. You can stick together 4 or 5 mechs and build a mega beefy threat, but if it gets hit with silence or hard removal your opponent just 4 or 5 to 1'd you on card value. Even if you have a strong draw engine to back it up that can be devesatating. On the upside, if you go all in and it goes unanswered you probably win the game.... on the spot. On the downside, if you go all in and it does get answered you porbably lose the game... on the spot.

I'll accept that mechs are aggressive, and that they can snowball a win in a near instant, but I won't call them overpowered. It's just another RN-buhjeezus effect that either you have an answer in hand NOW if your opponent goes off with that strategy or die to it on the next turn thing. Nothing we haven't seen before. And the need to have said answer can come as early as turn 2 or even 3, which is also nothing we haven't seen before.

Game is more extreme than ever.
08/06/2018 04:17 AMPosted by Teo
Silences don't work? That's confirmed? That's actually a bit of a relief. It would be kind of silly if a magnetic minion could be "deleted" by a silence. You'd still be vulnerable to removal, and removals would effectively be a 2-for-1, but at least it costs a full card to do that.

Anyways, while it's true that it's snowbally, I don't think that's necessarily a flaw - tempo decks have always been like that, and if it means giving a new tempo deck to a class (or to a class that does not have a tempo deck), then all the power to them.

they do get pretty much deleted
Magnetic gets absolutely wrecked by silence. You could also run EMP...

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