Who's your nemesis?

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What is the deck-hero combination you hate most, and why?

Me - Taunt Druid AND Resurrection Priest are a total tie - Sadistic decks that people play just to torture others. Once I determine it's either one of these decks I'm facing, I will typically concede.

You - ?
I main Big Spell Mage, so my main nightmares are typically Deathrattle Hunters. Odd Rogue breaks about even for me, but is still rough, and so is Odd Paladin if I can't get out a lot of Arcane Artificier AoEs.
Shudderwock. I hate the idea of win by turn xx or game is over.
Any controlling Warlock variant, cause defile is still completely insane, I beat other decks so I am not mad about it, I just wish I would run into them less often :P
taunt druid get on my nerves between all the armor and the near endless supply of stable minions

it's fun at first and then it's like geez louis
I mean, to this day, I still believe that Jade Druid is the deck that I hate the most. There are other decks that I strongly dislike facing (wild kingsbane rogue, or any deck with Rin come to mind), but no other deck can really make me feel vitriol like Jade Druid.
I have a deep deep hatred for "tempo" (face) mage. When your game plan is to ignore literally everything and win by clicking on the opponent hero, while cheating out secrets that prevent them from doing literally anything, that does not at all feel like a well played game to me.

/end rant. Sorry, that deck gets me heated.
I think the deck I despise the most is Big/Rez Priest. Not as big of. Deal though with Barnes gone.
Priest in its entirety.

I hate priest.

Also tempo Mage, tempo Mage is gay.
Idk the name, and idk if it is still alive, but there was a version of cubelock, where all it did was spam voidlords. I remember one ladder game where i killed 15 void lords. No doomguards, but they did have azari, nzoth and guldan dk (prolly doesn't exist anymore lol). Anyway, that deck was running rampant for a while, and I really did not enjoy it. They mostly just ran me out of resources till i died (i only play rogue btw lol). Then I opened kingsbane... It saved my life man. Now the tables were turned and I could grind their grind miuntain into dust and it was glorious for like 3 games before it became tedious lol i hate void lords so much after that crap....
I hate tempo mages so much.
I hated Priests back in the year of the mammoth, they got to many broken cards in Gadgetzan.

I despise Odd Paladin, such a BS deck in how it operates.

And generally speaking I dislike the super duper every removal you and your mom can come up with decks, and Doomsayer specifically, HOF it!
Big Priest And Jade Druid. I play reno mage and it's a pain dealing with 10/10 jades on turn 12
Druid for years now.
Priest ... I hate those greedy-as* cards they have, I hate Anduin's smirky smile, I hate his attitude, I hate overstated cards like Drake Operative ..... 'NOUGH SAID!

Second is druid for all those stupid armorcards they got lately and all this ramping and Aviana-combo-sh*te.
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Priest ... I hate those greedy-as* cards they have, I hate Anduin's smirky smile, I hate his attitude, I hate overstated cards like Drake Operative ..... 'NOUGH SAID!

Here comes your remedy - Anduin is getting rekt by a tempo-style Jaina, though:


As for OP's question: Most people's nemesis is the rock to their scissor...
As for OP's question: Most people's nemesis is the rock to their scissor...[/quote]

Good stuff. The idea of the thread is to vent, rant, freak out, and get some salt out of the system. Thanks though.
Hmm...tough one. Shudderwock is very non interactive and a race to the finish for them so I pretty much hate Shudderwock being a lover of control and Big decks in general.

As for others, I hate tempo mage. They always get so dang lucky too it seems, dropping both Wyrms in the first couple of turns and getting free secrets so I can’t clear them effectively thanks to all of their cheap spells.
Taunt Druid. Spreading Plague is extremely annoying card to deal with and Hadronox and his Deathrattle are very easy for Druid to trigger after playing tons of Taunt minions. Plus Druids tend to get more armor faster than Warriors!
Deathrattle Hunter.
As a Shudderwockian, that's the toughest match. Even with my build, more silence, more taunt.

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