Can we appreciate Witchwood before its over?

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It was solid, but considering it was the first expansion of a rotation it didn't live up the Un'Goro. I think Un'Goro had the best meta ever.
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It wasnt perfect but imo one of the best, most diverse metas

You must be sacarstic right? This is the least diverse meta ever and Shudderwock Shaman is the only competitive deck to play.

Are you playing the same game as everyone else?? I don’t think you are
Ehh, I'd rate it midpack tbh.

At the end of the day all it really did was modify Paladin aggro decks a bit, gave Shaman Shudderwok, and a few other things. It didn't truly shake up the meta though, a lot of old decks were and are still perfectly fine with minor changes.

It also had a LOT of mediocre cards. I can't say how tired I am of the "overpriced but maybe it's good despite stats!" stuff that keeps getting shoved down our throats. Stats Matter.

It did do good things though, don't get me wrong, I just don't see it as being a top 5 expansion.
I played against odd paladin for what feels like a vast majority of my games. I never really got to play the fun witchwood decks because they all get torn apart by odd paladin.

Great expansion, worst meta since pirate warrior.
up to rank 3 all i've faced are shuddercuck, scarab druid, odd paladin, and jaina.
it's like blizz took all the gameplays that noone liked from previous expansions and made them the only playable

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