New Tavern Brawl this week!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to make sure you knew about the brand new tavern brawl this week! It's in the Brawliseum format, with a few tweaks. The main change is that the goal of this brawl is to see how many wins you can get against Odd Paladin before you get three losses. Once you queue up a deck for the brawl, you will not be able to change it. This is fine though, because all of your opponents will be using identical decks.

I did notice a bug where I had a rogue opponent, but I beat him fairly easily and submitted the appropriate bug report.

So, load up your Backstabs, Fans of Knives, and SI:7 Agents and enjoy this easy 12 wins brawl!
I fought nothing but odd rogues. I easily got to 9 wins because of that.
Nice, I got 10 wins against Odd Paladins! Still only got a normal rare though :(
Tempo Mage did a sweet run against this brawl as a lot of my opponents brought Warlock.
I turned it into a Whizbang brawl. I enjoyed it.
Can't wait to play a few runs later today with Even Shaman =)

Might also do a run with Baku Warrior =)
Since I don't know how is the standard meta, I looked at hsreplays for a nice netdeck with the highest winrate

The first was an odd paladin, unfortunately I was missing a couple of cards

Then I looked at the second deck with the highest winrate, it was an even lock much similar to the even lock of wild, and I had all the cards, so even lock it is

My run was: steal priest (win), maly druid (win), some rogue (win), even paladin (win), zoo lock (lost), even lock (lost), some tempo mage (win), odd paladin (win), control lock (lost)

I'm currently 3-1 and lost to some bull.

I was at 30 health. Shaman had their Legendary 3/5 up. I told myself "Why waste twisting on this?" so I used my Hero Power and left it as a 3/2.

RNG gave him (literally) that spellstone and I had 4 buffed guy going for my face.

RIP me. Should've overreacted. His deck would never run that spellstone, but he got it quite early from his Hero Power.
I went second against Odd Paladin 0-0 but highrolled two Dreadlords and he quit quick.

I went first against Odd Rogue 1-0 AND highrolled Keleseth on curve so he quit quick.

I'm clearly a skilled player or something. Because I'm sure once I stop highrolling I'll keep winning.
Im using Golden Whizbang. :D

1st game, 1st win. Big Mage chose me! :D
I played whizbang earlier. Went 1-1 and the loss was due to some glitch/lag/hack issue that let them take 5 turns in a row from turn 1.
healzoo. every match. healzoo
wish it was anything else but this brawl #feelsbadman
Healzoo, I even played control Lock to best counter them. TRUTH IS FOUND IN DEATH turn 2 every game in to a turn 5-6 lethal even with me AoE'ing them down.

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