Mecha'thun + The Darkness

Bug Report
Just played a game, my opponent triggered Mecha'thun's deathrattle despite having the Darkness (with 2 of 3 candles triggered). This seems like it shouldn't work, as Mecha'thun's wording mentions not having CARDS on the battlefield. While the Darkness is not a minion in this circumstance, it is most certainly a card. Also curious if this dodge would work with Nether Portal, as that is also a non-minion card that is on the battlefield.
Permanent cards are minion-like cards that lack Attack and Health, are untargetable, are immune to all effects except their own, and take up more or less a permanent residence on the battlefield. Permanent cards are impossible to remove once they enter play, except in some cases through their own effects. While technically minions, most regular minion mechanics do not apply to permanents.
I agree with Madd: The card on Mecha'thun uses the word "cards", not "minions". And though a dormant The Darkness is indeed not a minion, it is most definitely a card!

(Since Mechha'thun is also not hampered by secrets on the field and by weapons still equipped, my guess is that the intended effect of Mecha'thun is to check for minions on the field only; if so the wording should be changed to make this clear).
Idk... The Darkness starts dormant and doesn't become summoned until its "battle cry quest" is fulfilled. Mecha'thun requires no cards in hand, deck, and battlefield. The Darkness is not technically in the battlefield until 3 candles are drawn. Consider The Darkness as not in play at this point. The cards battlecry effect is in play but not the actual card itself.

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