Gold saved for next expansion?

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1855. You?

I started saving after expansion release day 1...
Ha, I have 20.
You didnt spend it on Boomsday? Wow
7675g -- but I'm not finished buying the current expansion yet.

I bought 40 packs on day 1, but for the remaining packs I want from this expansion, I'm doing arenas. Probably won't be done with that for another month or two, unless i start averaging 7+ wins in arena, doing them more frequently, or get super lucky with my next bunch of packs.

I save up 400 gold and get 4 packs. Been more focused on getting a more complete collection. I saved up 13k gold last expac and am not doing that again. I will just buy the next preorder and call it good. Buying the preorder and an extra bundle saves me months of the farming I did before. I would rather just pay a bit and avoid that daily play.

Right now I have 3 T1 decks, two T2 decks, a collection that is getting respectable and enough dust to craft the remaining cards to any other T1 deck that comes out that I am interested in, if it does.

So I will keep buying old expac cards this time around. Buy my cards for the next expac and enjoy the game rather then feel like it's a job.
Not for next expansion. Just hoarding gold for fun.
2100 so far. Going to aim for about 10k by next expac.

I did like I normally do and spent gold until I got my final legendary after my initial opening which including the 3 freebies from the puzzle launch took me 1,200 gold to hit. I was already 12 packs into that pity timer so it was above the average pull rste, but not nearly as far as most of my other legendaries from this expansion.
I have a whopping 75 gold.
1420 - I started saving after getting the first legendary after opening my pre-order packs. Hopefully it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket this time before the next expansion drops.
Zero.. Every 100 I buy a pack.

But I also spend $50-$100 on packs each month too not including pre-ordering expansions.
About 5200. I usually blow my load at an xpac release and I had ~9000 gold when bdp dropped, but I was just underwhelmed by the cards this time around and only bought 50 packs. I'll hang onto the rest and see what the next xpac brings us
I've never saved my gold til now, but I decided to save my gold from doomsday day 1 til next xpac, see how much I get. 1980 right now, but I did get the 300g hidden quest reward for 1k wins a few days ago
I'm around 5k right now. I saved just over 10k before the expansion. I pre-ordered for 80 packs and purchased 60 packs with gold. If Blizzard offers a good deal on pre-orders, you gotta jump on it, and try to open around 150 packs per expansion.
580 so far. I try to save 10k+ for each expansion.
2450 so far; 10,000g more and I would be done saving for next expansion.

Edit: Will the $80 preorder deal continue next expansion? If it will then I don't need to spend a lot of time on saving.
I'm at 8.1k. I don't want to open more boomsday packs because I was very lucky with the 60 I unpacked
Nah. I just constantly rotate expansions until I get a legendary. Seems a bit early to be saving up gold, and I'm one of those silly saps who just pre-orders.
5,400. I always play it frugal with gold. I prefer to remain free to play these days. Used to buy expansions or some adventure legs. Not quite as into the game as I was before. So, gold and dust get the job done for me.

By the time the next expansion comes I’ll have probably 6500-7000 gold and lots of dust. I’m so cheap lol.
Yes, from the first Boomsday; 1655 so far.

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