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This is da must have list, there are powerfull legendaries outside this list, these just have the widest range of applications and in my opinion will have it in the future too:
1.Death Knights (for standard and wild)
2. The rest of hero cards...
3. Dr. Boom (for wild)
4. Lich King (standard and wild)
5. N'Zoth (wild)
6. Prince Keleseth (for both)
7.Fendral Staghelm, Flobbidinous Floop, Houndmaster Shaw, Boommaster Flark, White Eyes, Electra Stormsurge, Sunkeeper Tarim, Kingsbane,Tess Greymane, Myra Rotspring, Rin the First Disciple, The Soularium, Mal' Ganis, Rotface, Geosculptor Yip (wild and standard)
8.Quests: Rogue,Priest,Shaman,Warrior,Mage, Druid (wild and standard)
9.Genn and Baku (both)
10.Zilliax (both)
11. Aya Blackpaw
N'zoth! He is an excellent late game play. You can build your deck around him, or just have him as a neat little extra. You just need some decent draw in your deck, and 6 decent(according to your deck's plan 'decent') deathrattle minions in your deck. Put in N'zoth, you have a good late game play.
LEEEEEERRRRROOOYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!!!! Still going strong in top meta decks in Wild and standard. Can't ever go wrong with him.

You still haven't said if you are a wild player or not. If so, N'Zoth is a must have card, along with several of the legendaries from the HoF, probably too many to list really. Sylvania and Thalanos are definiite stand outs. I have very successful, steady earner decks which include mostly HoF cards, like I Will Be Your Death (deathrattle Rogue).

This meta - depends on the decks you want to build. Last meta, Baku and Genn. Previous, Any/ALL the death knights, but especially Mage and Warlock, plus the Litch King. Anyway, all of these cards will eventually be playable in Wild too, so you can't really go wrong with any of these. Avoid crafting legendaries which are too narrow/specific to certain deck builds, like Flark or Rin. You will regret it later when you could have used the dust for a universally useful card like Bloodmage or Thaurissian.

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