hs doesn't switch to a discrete graphics card

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I got fps drops after the last patch, before the game worked perfectly at 2880x1800, with the maximum graphics.
Now regular FPS drops.

I have
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 555
mac os 10.13.6

I noticed that when I open the hearthstone, and then I go to the mac os menu "About this Mac", then I see a built-in video card Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB
It feels like the hearthstone does not switch the weak graphics card built into the processor to a discrete radeon pro, perhaps hence the fps drops.

If I go, for example, in StarCraft 2, this window shows the Radeon Pro 555
I've got the same problem as yours. Personally, I prefer playing with a lower resolution because this way my mac doesn't increase the fans' speed (actually you will see no difference between 1680*1050 and 2880*1800). But if you still want to use your Radeon instead of Intel Graphics, you can go to settings>energy saving (idk how it's called because my mac is in russian,but it has a lamp above) then turn off automatic graphics change (the very first marker). Your mac will now only use its discrete graphics. Anyway I just recommend you to lower the resolution and your mac will have more battery life and will also be not that hot.

UPD: I've just tried playing at 2880*1800 with my Intel graphics on macOS 10.14 and it works pretty well without any fps drops.
It gets more interesting than this.

While the graphics indeed doesn't seem to switch to Dedicated (according to Activity Monitor) the dedicated GPU is in fact being used, it seems, along the integrated one.

If you enable GPU History window in Activity Monitor, you can see how dedicated card seems to be used quite heavily, while integrated one only ever-so-slightly. Almost as if HS was accessing dedicated GPU bypassing OS (which is still using integrated one)

I know HS is using Metal since around August, maybe that's the result?

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