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...good luck to you all. I knew beforehand this expansion would make it or break it for me. Probably i've been playing too much since the expac launched, luck of the draw has been too much against me, but this idea was already in my mind for some time.

Games are supposed to give fun, and i didnt get any fun out of Hearthstone for quite a long time. After 4 years, it's time to definitely quit it. I suppose it's a mix of bad pulls from recent packs, bad draw in the matches and also the feeling that the joy from victories lasts too little while the salt from defeats lasts too long. I've taken many breaks through all the time i've played this game, but i know deep inside that this time is the last one.

Thanks for all the discussions, specially to those of you who try to make these forums a bit better. Good luck and have fun ;)
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Must be the Hearthstone forums.
Adios Cyph3e

Once a game becomes more negative than positive for a long enough time it is time to pack the bags.

Hopefully your next game can last half as long for you =)
If it hasn't been fun for a while, then it's definitely good to find a different use of your time.

I don't have any major complaints about this expansion (yet), but if it ever stops being fun, I know I'll figure out something else.

Good luck!
I knew this expansion would solidify my decision as well. I'm definitely done it's hard to let go but playing yesterday really helped show me that Blizzard does not truly care. My skill and intelligence is no match for the
stalling till OTK, RNG, snowballing, Randomly discovered answers and minions, and that's just not my type of card game. They shake up the game every expansion making it a miserable experience after miserable experience, knowing that things will be that way.

I play SFV online competitively and it is not even as frustrating as this game is and let me tell ya SFV online is rough lol.

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