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Is there a site where you can check how a golden legendary card looks like?
You can select “show golden” in the crafting menu and see a monochrome version.

If you have the dust and are reasonably certain you won’t mis-click, You can go ahead and actually craft the card. As long as you don’t click away you can undo and be back where you started.

As for third party sites, I thought I’ve seen them on the gamepedia wiki for individual cards.
Sure. Go to Hearthpwn ( and click into the card search. Check the "show golden cards" checkbox, and search for the card name. Hover your pointer over the card and the golden animation will play.

If you're on mobile, I'm not sure how well that works - you might be able to tap and hold to activate the animation.
Yes you have to hold the image then tap to clear the box that pops up on mobile.

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