People defending Frost Lich Jaina

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People who can't admit that she is OP as hell in Tavern are delusional.

Typical delusional HS fanboys.

I got my 5 wins easily with her. Didn't even have to try really.

Only chance to beat her is Gul'dan, but you need to get super lucky with your deck, but Jaina can have a sub-par deck and still have a 90% chance to win.

Any win with Jaina is pure luck.

Only interesting game is Jaina vs Jaina.

I challenge anyone to actual money play. I pick Jaina each time you pick whatever you want (other than Jaina), we can bet any money you want. Let do this on any streaming platform for shaming.

I will play an infinite amount of games with whoever thinks beating Jaina is easy or that she isn't broken at all. Infinite amount of games for however much money you want per game. I can go up as high as you want. We have to play at least 5 games to weed out luck. So minimum 5 games to infinity for any amount of money.
I beat jaina with uther, but i couldn't use hero power and i had to bum rush!
09/21/2018 07:26 PMPosted by Splinted
I beat jaina with uther, but i couldn't use hero power and i had to bum rush!

Damn, were you playing against me?

Regarding DK Jaina: Yes, she's incredibly broken - not by virtue of the hero power but because you need to construct a deck to effectively counter her, something that can't be done when the RNG decides every minion costing 3 or less should have 1 health.
Look i'm not going Defend her, but she isn't hard to beat if you know what ur doing, I literally Destoryed her as Val, and people say Val is consider one the weakest.

here a pic of the proof if u need it
Seems like Warrior is better than Jaina. I have won most of matches as Warrior. now 5 in a row.
I have won most flj matchups with hunter of all classes, if you manage to avoid hero power for 1-4 turns while using heropower youcould get out powerful high health zombeasts to put extreme pressure on the board to elimanate all water elementals as they are played
It's easy to win from Jaina now and then because a lot of players without skill pick her for an easy win (or so they hope)
I mean, the other day I was playing as shaman and evolved one of my minions into the dragon that makes turns be 15s (Nozdormu?) and my opponent had 2 low attack poisonous minions on the board. He ran out of time, my next turn I played grumble (basically only play I could make) and played the dragon again. My opponent could have taken both out with his poisonous minions, but instead he conceded?

Mage after mage after mage.

Piss off bunch of lazy, no talent ashats!

Didn't the QA people playtest this? You guys have a few high level champions on staff, I'm sure one of them would have spotted this stupidity.

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