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I'm not an arena player but my dust and gold is rather low so I wanted to get into arena to maybe earn some gold for next expansion. The options for this run are pally, mage and rogue, which to my limited knowledge are all pretty solid (or the best ones). So... which one is better out of those 3 and if possible can someone give me a somewhat accurate tier rating.

Current tierlist looks something like this if I remember correctly.

1. Rogue and Warlock
2. Warrior, Druid, Shaman and Paladin
3. Hunter, Mage and Priest

but people get results with whatever they get results with. Rogue is OP if you're a skilled Rogue player, but it tanks the hardest when played poorly (always has).
If you are looking to make gold then I would advise you to stay far away from arena. You will need very high win rate to make gold in arena.

My win rate is usually around 5.5 to 6. Depends mostly on the current meta and how crazy the arena is at which point of time. With my win rate I just about float on even gold. I have been somewhere between 5k to 6k for many months. I have bit over 6K arena wins...

On my own gut feeling I would rank warlock at 1 followed with rogue. Druid is not far behind.

Next wave is Shaman Priest and Paladin

Warrior can be good. I have my most 12 win runs with Warrior in boomsday. It just feels so draft dependent with good draft its smooth sailing to high wins. With bad draft there is nothing to do really and it will end at 1 to 3 wins.

Mage and Hunter seem to be the losers of current arena.
Good on you for jumping into arena. Arena is where players with the largest collections grind out their gold and dust. Success in arena is a commitment though so don't expect immediate riches.

On to my point: Don't fret over individual class choices. Play them all. See which ones work best for you and learn how those classes will play against you. Choosing one class over another will not guarantee X number of wins but having an understanding of how *every* class works will improve your win average.
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If you are looking to make gold then I would advise you to stay far away from arena. You will need very high win rate to make gold in arena.

If you are looking at your gold total and want to see it go up, then you are right. It is possible to make gold in arena in the long run but you need to be very skilled.

But why would you want to amass gold? The only thing you can buy for it, other than more arena runs, is packs. Packs cost 100 gold. Arena runs cost 150 gold but always award at least one pack(**) - so effectively you are paying (150 gold minus the gold rewards you earn) for that pack (and a chance at some dust, a card, or an extra pack - but those odds are low so I'll ignore them for the sake of simplicity). If you earn 50 gold from an Arena in addition to the pack, you already break even. If you earn more you may not be amassing gold, but you are getting packs at a cheaper than normal rate.
My experience is that the average gold reward is below 50 at 3 wins, and above 50 at 4 wins. So if you get 3.5 wins on average, then getting packs through Arena is a better choice than buying them with gold. (You do need to invest the time to play the run, obviously).

(**) The guaranteed pack is always from the last expansion. If you already have all the cards you want from that expansion but still want to get a lot of cards from earlier expansions, then you need to ignore the above and just pay gold to buy the packs you need.
The best class is highly dependent on playstyle. My strongest classes in Boomsday have been Druid and Shaman. In Witchwood it used to be Priest.
The best class is highly dependent on deckdraft.

Druid 3 times with no UI
Rouge with no cheap removal
Shaman with 2 clear spells total

They clearly microturding the game so spells are just not common for most classes. Depend more on getting gigling inventor, fungusmanser, mosshorror and stuff like this.
Warlock is the best class,by quiet a difference in my opinion.

Everything else does not differ that much I think,highly depends on individual drafts. Rogue is consistent but somewhat limited in value/power. Depends a lot on drafting curve minions and answers as it has no good board clears to come back. Still I would rate rogue as 2,though weaker then warlock.
I had my best results with warrior and priest, besides two good warlock runs obviously, I feel like control is really powerful in the arena now days

Toss a coin depending on your drafts, it is possible to draft trash in all of the top classes, but they are (Rouge, Warrior, Warlock) in no particular order.

I feel like the more I trash talk this forum, the higher my trash deck drafts rates are.
Educated Collins did seven 12-win runs in a row. He's pretty good.

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