Game stuck in reconnecting

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Hi, I play on the mobile and my game is stuck on a "you were disconnected from your last game reconnecting.." and no matter what I do I can't get pass that. What can I do?
Hi there cloud,

What happens if you just let the game sit on that screen for a few minutes?

I ask as we see this from time to time , if left there with no clicking, the game should get past that screen. If not, let us know and we can try.

I have the exact same issue. The reconnecting screen have been stuck more than 3 days Idk what to do.
Im having this same problem, have uninstalled game and reinstalled, have tried waiting on the screen. And haven’t played in over a month because of it. It’s a shame because I reallly enjoy the game and had spent a fair amount of money on it .

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