Duel of the Death Knights

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I think this brawl just shows that FLJ is just superior to all. The big problem is that all the decks seem to have a lot of 1 health minions.

I have had a couple of non FLJ brawls, but the rest have had her in them.
I did beat a FLJ with Rexxar, so it is possible.
I was going to pick Rexxar but thought meh try the DK Shaman.

My Opponent Dk Warrior.


So Warrior Hero Power all game long chopping down all minions hand picks for me like blades of grass.

Meanwhile has has played his THIRD legendary to my zero. And how his Fourth - LEROY JENKINS!!! for the win.

Another nice coin flip tavern brawl.


Or Gul'dan for 3 direct dmg starting on turn 2.

Yep - Dk' Guldan crushed my DK Rexxar. So I took DK' Guldan and I crushed Dk Paladin. Easy Peasy.
FLJ ruins this for me. I have a hard time playing a game through and enjoying it if the odds against me are disgusting. I am annoyed that I have "options" presented to me that are highly likely to lose against one single other option. This brawl should've had FLJ as the only playable deck plain and simple.
I haven't tried or seen Jaina yet, but well, I agree that in a brawl where your deck is randomized and you may have a lot of 1-health minion for Jaina to abuse, she's overpowered.

Guldan is also absurd. Won on my first try, lost to him when playing Uther.

Having said that, Uther with taunts are also incredibly dangerous against anything not named Jaina, Guldan or Garrosh (just ate a Malfurion with Uther earlier).
Jaina is simply the end-all-be-all this brawl.
As long as you have an eye for creating situations which net you 1-health minions, and you solely focus on just getting as many elementals as possible. You'll wear the enemy out every single time.

Especially if the enemy has no way to ping their own minions.

But those Jaina mirrors are rather interesting to play ^_^

Never saw a Rexxar, and now in the ~80% win rate range, there are only Jainas left.
But I'd imagine a well played Rexxar with some luck on his beasts might be able to overpower Jaina.
This was a somewhat unfun tavern brawl.
Jaina is way overpowered. Sure you can win with others, but it is a real struggle. The only way to win 5 quickly, is to play Jaina.

On the positive side, it is a great way to try out all the other death knight heroes.
< Rant>

This is absolutely ridiculous, trying to complete quests with this brawl and I am forced to play Jaina for wins, can Blizzard finally see just how broken this is. she s beatable yes, but you require decent to perfect RNG, even if Jaina player makes mistakes it is entirely recoverable.

Ruined TB this go around, but hopefully (even though I know her standard life is coming to an end) this sheds light on how OP she is.

< /Rant>
They should have made it so you had to play all hero's before you could repeat a hero.
Valeera's deck... Maybe I don't understand something. It has multiple cards to destroy her own deck. Particulary small cost cards. Isn't she suppose to be thriving on those? I beat LFJ however, so she is not OP. But most games I lose, cuz I have 1 weapon and 3-4 weapon depended cards; and most creatures is 3 mana and up, so my hero power is usable turn 6.

Edit: just now had a card that searches for weapon in my deck, a card that makes my weapon indestructable on my turn and epic that dumps my weapon to gain it's effects. Played card to search for weapon. Found none. LOL

Edit2: and then it gave me 3 legends. Turn 6 win. Too much random is a curse of Hearthstone
I am beating Jaina with Warrior...

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