My account can't connect after Welcome Bundle

Mac Technical Support
this morning I tried to buy the "welcome bundle" from my iPhone, but when I clicked "buy" the app crashed.

Now every time I try to log in, the app crashes after a few seconds.
I got the game installed on my Mac too and when I try to log in there this happen: it tries to connect but after 1-2 minutes I got the message "Oops! Playful sprites...".

The strange thing is that if I log in with a different account from my Mac everything works! So this problem is related to my account I guess /:
Same. Bought the bundle, it crashed, payment went through, and I can’t get into the game. It loads and then
and then black
And then then my home screen
I give you money, and now I can’t play at all? Wtf Blizzard
FrankPole I see a game master was able to help you out.

Aja Looks like you are able to log in now. If there still any trouble logging in, please contact customer support.

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