My enjoyment for this game is being ruined

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2 months ago I moved to the US from the Netherlands and I have been playing Hearthstone for one and a half year and have spend over 200 euros on the game. But because your collection is region locked I am not able to use it on the American servers. You might think it doesnt matter but in the evening the queue times are very long and wild, which is my preffered game mode is unplayable. This has led me to stop playing the game daily and I dont enjoy it as much as before. Also recently I say that the highschool I attend has a CCG club that also holds Hearthstone tournaments, since I am new this would be a great opportunity to meet new people and playing a game I like. But because my entire collection is on the European servers I cant attend their tournaments with my own collection.

All of this frustrates me because this used to be my favorite game and now I am unable to enjoy it. I already contacted customer support and they have been nice but they where unable to move my collection. But I just cant let this rest after the time and money I have spend and I really hope that this can be changed in the near future.
Sad to say that we've seen posts like this one since Hearthstone was in Beta, and see what's been changed since then. I'm not saying they'll never do it, but I wouldn't count on it.

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