Any Cloning Gallery Priest players here?

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These days, I have the feeling the new Resurrect decklist can reach Barnes levels of high roll craziness.
Being able to generate multiple copies of Velen and Malygos through Shadow Essence and Gallery can lead to Max Spellstone + double Mindblast very often. (They can't be copied this way only if drawn)
Polymorphing the first Velen or Malygos isn't enough most of the times, as the combo is only partially disrupted and a second one might appear.

The deck is HEAVILY teched against aggro (Spiritlash, ZILLIAX, Scream), their 7 mana spell provides mass wipes without triggering any Deathrattle, screwing Token and Midrange too. Control can only resist via huge armor stacking, combo can only hope to be faster than those two Mind Blasts.

Does this decklist have any weak spots in Standard? Can anyone who plays it suggest me some counter? What do you lose to when you play it?
It's not great against Aggro at all, actually. Scream, okay, they're not that aggressive if you live to Scream. Spirit Lash is only really good against Paladins, you need to cheat out a Maly somehow to get anything done with it. Zilliax is a one-of you either have to draw or win like a 1/8 to get off Essence. Again, if you manage to live that long. A lot of the time you just don't get to live to do anything powerful.

The deck is T4, it loses to it's own low rolls. But hey, if you're super salty, you can just run anything that puts bodies on your opponent's board. Treachery in Warlock, the Raptor chick in Warrior. Ettin off Stonehill has messed me up. Polymorph, Hex. There are so, so many ways to improve your odds against the deck.
I play it only because it is one of the Whizbang decks. It loses to just about anything.
The deck is HEAVILY teched against aggro

Dude.. The only good aoe in that deck is scream. 7mana scream while lock flood the board on turn 2 doesn't sound too good right ?
Played a few games with it. Am missing zillax. I like it. Not sure how viable it is but I can for sure say it is pretty fun. :)
I played a lot of resurrect priest for a short while last expansion before it was popular. The current iteration is actually a little different with lyra, zilliax, thalnos, and gargoyle. Things that can dilute your res pool and mess up your shadow essence. Not a huge fan of it atm due to the bad luck you can get. That's just me though.

I think the deck has a lot of potential for future expansions though, and if it functioned like ye old Big Priest, only having Big Minions with support spells I believe it could be much better(more fun to play). It desperately needs another AoE like Dragonfire potion or Pint-Sized Potion/Shadow word Horror. If it had a spell that reduced the cost of your spells in hand that would work wonders. Spell based card draw(perhaps with some healing) would be amazing too.
Eh... I have Cloning Gallery, but I just haven't felt inspired. Doesn't help that I don't own Malygos.

A card that relies on -not- drawing numerous cards feels hard to create combos out of. It's also not helpful that the thing is 9 mana - too big to keep in the starting hand, but also -must- be kept in the starting hand.

Perhaps the card has a place in some strange mid-range Priest that's not looking to max value from Eternal Servitude or Diamond Spellstone, and is just looking to become more rounded. I've been meaning to re-craft my Spiteful Summoners for awhile now anyways, think I could perhaps nullify the weakness of drawing Cloning Gallery late if it enabled Spiteful Summoners - also wouldn't hurt if I pulled out Grand Archivists, maybe use them to help guarantee that Cloning Gallery is cast early? Or maybe if I threw in Archbishop Benedictus, I could ensure I had things to summon no matter when I draw the spell.

But the current iteration with Malygos and stuff? Not only am I missing Maly, I just don't think the deck is very good. It feels a lot like the Jungle Giants Druid that tried to OTK you with Cubes, Leeroy and Deathwing, but only ever worked if most of the pieces were drawn after you already finished the quest.
I've actually been rather enjoying the new cloning gallery/rez priest deck, not exactly super strong, but not awful either.
What I like about this version is that there's no set script for winning, some games you will finish your opponents with spellstone+mind blasts, but depending on how you draw you may just end up fighting with minions , and that can work too, you have to stay alive to the possibilities the deck offers rather than just following the exact same plan every game ( hello Mecha'thun priest!) and that makes it fun imo.

As far as beating it, the deck is slow and clunky as all heck in many situations, apply some pressure and sometimes the deck will just fall apart., save hex/poly for Velen+Maly and generally don't let the priest sit back and assemble his combo.

This is how combo decks should be built if you are listening Blizz! You don't follow a precise set plan , but have lots of cards that synergise powerfully together, you need to think as you go to make the most of these , and you are vulnerable to disruption since you have to play things on the board and interact with your opponent.
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I play it only because it is one of the Whizbang decks. It loses to just about anything.

That is the one with Zerek the Cloner and Eggs, not Velen or Malygos. I've tried it too and it loses by a landslide most of the times, I know. Can be fun though

The OTK version seemed very strong on paper, but if you guys say it's a tier 4 deck, I'm probably just having bad luck against it

10/03/2018 07:03 PMPosted by Buttercup
Dude.. The only good aoe in that deck is scream. 7mana scream while lock flood the board on turn 2 doesn't sound too good right ?

If Zoo gets the god hand, well yeah it's going to get hard. Still, Spirit Lashes (+Thalnos maybe), SW Pain, Holy Smites and Zilliax are there for a reason. I've tried this matchup, and my opponent managed to survive to a turn 6 coin into Shadow Essenced Obsidian Statue. I'll try again
Against aggro you just lose. It's only good against non token druids, hunters if they get a slow start and warriors. Okay against slow Shamans and Mages if their transform effects don't screw up your rez effects too much. The deck is pretty good but there are so many matchups where you basically have no chance. However if you see that people are playing a lot of slower decks rez priest is amazing, climbed to rank 2 with it last season.
Hahahaha hoooowwww. I really wonder howww. Is it like you get tilted because you lost 3 games and the last one was resurrect priest?

Want to counter the deck?


Tempo mage
Deathrattle hunter
Odd rogue
Token druid
Kelseth bsm
Odd warrior
Even shaman

I played this deck for 1 month straight and could not reach beyond rank6 from rank 10. Dropped down a lot because of super aggro decks.

This deck can look crazy yeah. If shadow essences is on your side and you get a 5/5 lich or zillax.

But if you start with velen or maly in hand.. its alrdy a hard match.. against aggro is game over

It is a fun deck to play and it can go rly crazy with lyro and zerek gallery..

But if this deck wants to be good it really need early removal. Lile dragon fire. Or pintsize potion spirit lash.

For now it will get massacred by most decks in this meta..
Recently started playing it. Very fun to pilot but easily one of the most difficult decks to play well that I’ve ever seen.
The deck is HEAVILY teched against aggro

It really isn't. You have two spirit lashes and a shadow word pain before turn 7. That's it. I guess there's also a copy of shadow word death to counter early mountain giants, but there's only one of them and mountain giants always hang around in pairs. The deck also has way too many different spells for your shadow visions to be consistent until later in game. If you need to find a specific spell early on the odds of it showing up in shadow vision's pool are very low. The bodies it has early game are very weak and zilliax is far better as a highroll off of shadw essence than it is played directly from hand. It's great against slow control but it crumples under heavy aggro pressure.

Does this decklist have any weak spots in Standard? Can anyone who plays it suggest me some counter? What do you lose to when you play it

Yes. Aggro.
People insist it's bad against aggro like zoo, but the truth is zoolock needs a god-hand to rush you down fast enough.

You have Ziliax, Thalnos + Spirit Lash, and your hero power, among other gimmicks.

Don't act like the deck gets overran in 4 turns lol.
Honestly, this deck is only good once you make legend and aren't playing against all the hyper aggro decks trying to get to legend as fast as possible. When you saw streamers playing it, they weren't playing it in the pre-legend ranks.
Trying it out now. 2 odd rogues dead so far.
So one thing is for sure, this deck has a bit of a learning curve to it! Ended up 3-3.

Each game feels unique.
If there is any runs of aggro, you will start to drop games very quickly unless you hit a malygos off of Shadow Essence and can play a lash with a malygos after that.
this deck type has potential but I think it’s full potential has not been discovered yet.
Aggro kills you be4 you do anything with this deck 4 games out of 5. Its about even vs Druid and odd warrior , a bit favorable vs even lock. The deck is ok , but as it was mentioned earlyer you loose to your own low rolls. Also the draw is basicly non existant in this deck and you rely heavily on your value generators like lich and lyra to stay afloat. Ppl do hit high legend with it tho.

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