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Hi! This may be very early since the next card set rotation won't happen in about 5-6 months. But I'm just too curious. I'm interested to know that what cards you WILL be missing once they rotate out of Standard. And which cards you WON'T miss and are glad to see them gone?

It was rather difficult for me to decide just top 5 most missed/non-missed cards but here is my list which may or may not change as the card rotation next year approaches.

Here's my Top 5 Cards I WILL miss:

1. Emerald Spellstone: If there is any card that made one of my most favorite deck archetypes, Spell Hunter, viable, it would be Emerald Spellstone. Sure, the motivators to make the deck are Rhok'delar and To My Side! cards, which are strong cards. But I don't think those cards alone without the spellstone would have made the deck viable.

Plus Emerald Spellstone is just a powerful card on its own that can be put into any Hunter deck that runs secrets. One of the best, if not the best, spellstone card from Kobolds & Catacombs. But still balanced because even though four 3/3s for 5 mana is very powerful, they could still be dealt with.

2. Devilsaur Egg: I didn't even care for this card for a very long time until The Boomsday Project came out giving Rogues new toys to trigger minions' Deathrattle effects, enabling one of my favorite Rogue deck archetypes, the Deathrattle Rogue. Of course the egg is a very good card in even more powerful Deathrattle Hunter decks as well, but I personally find the Rogue deck more fun. Getting 'free' 5/5s on the board with the egg by using Necrium Blade/Vial feels great. I also like how my opponent has to make the tough decision whether to destroy the egg now before I can start generating 'free' 5/5s but also willingly give me at least one 5/5. Or focus on a potentially bigger threat on the board currently. Either way, the presence of the egg may force my opponent to make not-so-great plays.

I have this worry that once the egg rotates out Deathrattle Rogue becomes much weaker, maybe even non-viable because the egg is simply that good in my opinion. But we got one more expansion before the rotation so maybe that, or the next year's first expansion, will have cards to support that archetype even when the egg has rotated out.

3. Sonya Shadowdancer: Very neat and powerful card that enables some many cool plays. I use her in my Pogo-Hopper Rogue deck and will be sad to see Sonya go, since she allows me to play many more Pogo-Hoppers, if everything goes well enough. And of course she can be used to do other cool things like draw more cards with a 1 mana Elven Minstrel, kill a big enemy minion with Vilespine Slayer or, most annoyingly, create Divine Shielded Taunt walls with 1 mana Giggling Inventors.

I once made my Odd Paladin opponent's life a hell in one match where he couldn't get to my Sonya who stayed alive the entire game and I kept bringing Giggling Inventor back as a 1 mana card. Bet he wished Consecration was an odd-cost card at that time. :P

Plus she looks very hot! :D

4. Defile: Very powerful and well designed card that requires some more thinking and calculations than most other strong wave clears, such as Hellfire, Flamestrike, Blizzard etc. do. It's a card that rewards smart, or dare I say SKILLFUL, play.

Plus it's been a good card against all these Zoolocks. One time my Zoolock opponent had 4-5 minions on the board at around turn 3-4, I used Defile, killed them all and he conceded. :D

5. The Quests!: Ok, this last one is not a single card but a card type I will be missing and that is the Quest cards from Journey to Un'Goro. I just find the idea of Quests very cool. The only two quests that I own and play, and also liked a lot, are Paladin's The Last Kaleidosaur and Hunter's The Marsh Queen-Quests. Another one I like a lot but don't own is Warlock's Lakkari Sacrifice. Neither of these three are the most powerful ones, I know. But they're fun and that's the point. Would love it if Blizzard brought Quests back in future expansions giving different quests for each class.

But maybe not as strong and oppressive this time as some of the current ones (looking at you Caverns Below!)
My Top 5 Cards I WON'T miss:

1. Spreading Plague: Don't think I need to explain why. Such a bull!@#$ card.

2. Hadronox: Goodbye, infinite-Taunt-walls-Druids! You won't be missed! :D
Well, to be fair I don't think Hadronox alone is a problem. But the fact that Hadronox and Witching Hour have been in the same Standard rotation. If it wasn't for Withing Hour, Hadronox would not be on this list most likely. Maybe Branching Paths would have ended up here instead.

3. Saronite Chain Gang: A little similar to Spreading Plague in a sense that you create a Taunt wall. But not nearly as bad. Or even as bad as Giggling Inventor. Regardless I think Saronite Chain Gang is just overall too good to pass in most non-Odd decks.

Plus it's one of the key Shudderwock combo pieces and I'm glad to see any of them rotating out!

4. Voidlord: How about a big, fat demon with Taunt who after dying will puke out three annoying 1/3 Taunt Voidwalkers??? And there's many ways to cheat him to board earlier with cards such as Possessed Lackey and Skull of the Man'ari. Then you can make more Voidlords with Carnivorous Cube and later bring them back to life with Bloodreaver Gul'dan. Really irritating. Speaking about Gul'dan...

5. Bloodreaver Gul'dan & Deathstalker Rexxar: Generally speaking I'm happy to see the Death Knight hero cards rotate out next year because, along with Quests, Genn Greymane and Baku, they've been some of the most powerful and meta-defining cards ever since their release. I bet that once they're gone it'll feel like Hearthstone is a whole new game! But the ones I wanted to highlight are these two.

Starting with Bloodreaver Gul'dan; this is not a card that I hate or even dislike, really. But Bloodreaver Gul'dan has been so powerful that he's in almost every Warlock deck. Quite easily the best Death Knight hero card with his very powerful Battlecry and even Hero Power alone is good enough reason to add him to, say Even Warlock deck, even if the deck doesn't run that many Demons, or even any of the most desirable ones (Voidlords & Doomguards).

Deathstalker Rexxar on the other hand, while mediocre at best at release, has become one of the strongest Death Knights in the meta since Witchwood's release. But the card's power level is not the reason why I'm highlighting him. It's the fact that, at the end of the day, no matter what Hunter archetype you're playing, be it Spell Hunter (where I think he makes the most sense), Deathrattle Hunter, Secret Hunter, Mech Hunter, your end-game plan is the same; play Deathstalker Rexxar, use his hero power to make zombiests with properties you need at the moment, play them and hope you can swing the game, stall your opponent, remove threats, sustain yourself, bring more value to the board overall, eventually winning the game. In my opinion, as a Hunter main, this is boring to do with every Hunter deck. But he's too good to pass. Only Odd Hunter, which are next to nonexistent, can't play him because he's an even-cost card.

Warlock and Hunter will be the two classes most effected by the Death Knight hero cards' departure but I think that's only a good thing. Maybe Warlock and Hunter will see more diverse decks and end-game strategies when Death Knights are gone.
Since I play wild, not much I missed coz I can play them again. That being said, there is some stuff to be missed.

1st: Old Illidan. The combo crusher that we really need right now.

2nd: Devouring Ooze. Nice effect. The only one in the whole HS history. hope Blizz make something like this again. Google it up.

3nd: Old Hex. I mean, why it nerfed again? Rezz is a thing now, we need more of this.

4th: Old Tinkmaster Overspark. Seriously why? We need this kind of effects.

5th: Old yogg. With the power of 10 mana right now, I think he deserve his power back on.
To keep it short and sweet! The top 5 cards I will miss will be:

1) The Last Kaleidosaur - Just such a fun quest and deck to play! As time has gone on and the deck received more support, it certainly became more than just a meme, though obviously not top tier!

2) Kathrena Winterwisp - Been playing many varients of recruit Hunter since this card was released, been one of my favourite decks, and any card that can make King Krush viable has gotta be loved!

3) Frost Lich Jaina - Without this card decks like Elemental Mage and Big Spell Mage would be garbage, I've really enjoyed playing Big Spell Mage in particular over the past 4 or 5 months and I'll miss this deck when it is gone.

4) Tar Creeper - Just such a solid defensive card, not overtuned like Giggling Inventor, it's just good at what it does at slowing down aggro decks.

5) Skulking Geist - Maybe a controversial one here, but after rotation any powerful 1 cost spells that get printed will no longer be able to be kept in check. This card was printed to combat Jade Druid, but has shown to be a vital piece in many decks to shutting down pesky cards like Naturlise, Play Dead, Inner Fire ect ect

Now on the other hand, the top 5 I won't miss:

1) Carnivorous Cube - Yup can't stand this card, especially with the amount of synergy available to proc it. The fact this card has escaped any nerfs up until now has been somehwhat amazing.

2) Prince Keleseth - I think everyone is fed up of this card by now, we all dread hearing that voiceline on turn 2, knowing it boosts our opponents chance to win substantially. It's powerlevel is making over 2 drops redundant even though I don't think current 2 drops are that bad.

3) Ultimate Infestation - This is the one Druid card that should of been nerfed, this card lets Druids ramp freely knowing they can refill their hands with this card. It's such lazy design and I honestly won't miss it.

4) The Caverns Below - Don't really need to say a lot on this one, probably the worst designed card currently in rotation. Yeah it's not seen as much anymore now Giggling has been nerfed, but my god is it a horrible matchup to play against.

5) Shadow Visions - Others may disagree here, but having to play against multiple copies of the same spell can be really annoying.. When the 3 or 4th Pychic Scream hits you kind of just lose the will to carry on playing anymore.
Will Miss or already miss:

1) Witch Cauldron. My most fav card ever.
2) Antique Healbot. Miss this card so much. Neutral standard good healing should be in the game. Perhaps if this was in standard mana wyrm would not have to have been destroyed.
3) Cybertech Chip. Part of my fun mech hunter token deck that just fills your hand with mechs and shaman spells and then loses to druid because druid. I think this card could cost 1 and still be ok.
4) Glinda. Part of my inner johnny combo loves the times I get to play this and sea giants up the yingie in my modified meat wagon heal zoo list.
5) Giggling Inventor. This card was so op. It needed to be nerfed. But I put it in every deck with witch cauldron and it just worked and I loved quest rogue so I miss it still. Card was just so good with cauldron. Ok it was good with everything.

Wont miss ever these cards of pure ebola:

1) Spreading Plague - so unfair a card even at 7 this card would be unfair
2) Toggwaggle - So you get to draw your entire deck, stall with two 1/5 taunt walls, gain 60 armor, ramp to 10 while Im at 6, and then steal my entire deck? So I don't even get to play the deck I choose to fight the evil druids? I now get to play your deck of 0 cards. How is this allowed again???
3) Carn Cube - Seen this way too much to like it anymore. From endless hadronox shenanigans to 5/5 armies to 57 copies of void daddy this card brought back dbl spell breaker meta just to counter it and its host of ridiculous power synergy.
4) Mana Wyrm - How many times did you lose to this on t1 to endless smorc to face? Yah I don't miss seeing face mage at all.
5) Keleseth. Penalty wasn't enough as was proven by just how many decks made room for this. Just roll out Kele on curve and win 70% of your games. A card is pretty fudging busted if you play it on curve then win 70% time. It even made big spell mage better as the best list had kele in it. Doesn't that blow your mind? Kele in big spell mage. That to me is proof the card is just flat busted that even a control super heavy deck would change its entire deck just to use Kele.
Happy to see go:

Death Knights, particularly Guldan and Jaina.

Keleseth, sort of the Barnes of the Year of the Mammoth.

Skull of the Manari, disgusting.

Ultimate Infestation, also disgusting.

Quest Rogue, the cockroach of HS.

Sad and will miss:

Elise, great value, but not infinite or OP.

Faldorei Strider and Vilespine Slayer. Powerful and effective cards that need build around.

RhokDelar. Same as with the Rogue cards.
Quest Rogue
Spreading Plauge

I already can’t wait for Baku and Genn to be gone.

There’s nothing interesting gameplay wise using your hero power hundreds of times instead of playing cards.

Rexxar was the exception because of the variance it brought where as tanking up
every turn is boring.

The only interesting part about those cards are deck building. Like a year from now the only thing that will change is how those decks look not the fact that your still using your hero power all game. It’s going to get old real fast and it’s going to block a lot of archetypes on how you build them. An example is Odd Rogue. In a year if you want to be playing an Aggro Rogue deck, chances are it’s still going to be Odd Rogue because a 2/2 weapon is better then most aggressive strategies.

I’m probably only going to miss Rexxar, most of the stratergies besides Shudderwock are all centered around Recruit and Cubes and I’m over that big time.
Can't think of many that I will actively miss in the rotating sets.

The ones I certainly won't miss:

Carnivorous Cube: I can't believe this thing never got a massive nerf with the insane power creep it had over moat lurker, which saw use. This thing singlehandedly enables so many things that are just aren't fun to lose to.

Frost Lich Jaina: The ultimate "you already lost this game, you just haven't hit zero yet" card.

DK Gul'Dan: Because Ressurecting all demons is only PART of what makes him good.

Diamond Spellstone: Ressurect is frustrating enough, when it can resurrect an entire OTK combo, it is infuriating.

The Caverns Below: Every set causes this thing seems to need a nerf in standard. The tools don't exist to handle the infinite 4/4 generation this deck is capable of.
Funny that like half of people’s lists are reversed as in some people’s favorites or cards they’ll miss are on others lists that they’re glad to see go, lol. Shows you how much disagreement there is over cards.

I will miss Anduin and Rexxar for DKs but I will NOT miss Jaina and Guldan.

Bye bye to the quests too, hated the idea and some were just too ridiculous and powerful while others were completely useless.

Won’t miss spreading plague as most others won’t either.

Glad to see defile go. I feel that warlock has enough removal as it is plus good lifesteal options.
Won't miss:

1.) Death Knights
2.) Keleseth
3.) Ultimate Infestation
4.) Fungalmancer
5.) Saronite Chain Gang
6.) Tar Creeper
7.) King's Bane
8.) Carnivorous Cube
9.) Dead Man's Hand
10.) Spell Stone's

Will miss:
1.) Kalimos Primal Lord
2.) Shadow Visions
3.) Blaze Caller
4.) Servant of Kalimos
5.) Volcano
6.) Dusk Breaker
Will Miss
Kalimos, Primal Lord
The dude that got me started on Elementals and probably in the end still wound up being my favorite card from the Year of The Raven. Gonna miss this guy!
Servant of Kalimos
A great part of of Elemental value, I never would've crafted Kalimos (then proceeded to pull three of him) had I not gotten him so much off of this guy. Still bails me out sometimes.
The epitome of the Tempo side of last year's Elementals. Discovering/generating an extra one of these can easily swing or close out a game.
Lynessa Sunsorrow
Honestly my favorite part of any buff/quest deck. Been using her with Zola since before I even crafted the quest.
This card is fantastic both in Control and Tempo decks for clearing boards, opening up big minions for Execute, enabling "when damaged" effects and making my Frothing Berserkers into absolute monsters. An excellent tool for Warrior.

Won't miss
Spreading Plague
The Caverns Below

I think the more recent hero cards are excellent, but several of the DKs are pretty overturned and are too capable of winning games on their own with little support.
1. Spreading Plague - fck this sht

2. Frost Lich Jaina - fck this sht

3. Ultimate Infestation - fck this sht

4. Shadow Visions - fck this sht

5. Primordial Glyph - fck this sht
Shamelessly bumping my own thread since the rotation is getting closer and closer. And because after thinking about this some more I realized that there is another card that I'm going to miss a lot. A very simple yet flexible and good Common card: Firely.

Firefly fits into many decks. It's great! I've used it in my Quest Hunter cos it's two 1-mana cards in one, Elemental Mage due to the Elemental tag, and most Rogue decks as a cheap Combo activator. And of course it's been good in Odd Rogue and Paladin as well (which I don't personally play). Really going to miss this little guy. :(
None cause i play wild.
I play wild exactly cause i dont wanna loose my cards.
Will miss:

1) duskbreaker - it lets me play a dragon based deck without being run over by faster decks. I love dragon based decks.

2) frost Lich Jaina - probably an unpopular opinion but I really love the idea of the card and have always enjoyed playing slower mage decks. Unlike some of the other hero cards, she never really dominated the meta as she never had the tools surrounding her to do it.

3) shadow visions - one of the best priest cards ever released. Incredibly versatile tool. Anyone playing priest even semi regularly will miss this card

4) fire plumes heart - finally gave control warrior decks a win condition other than winning a war of attrition. Again never took the meta by storm but created fun decks to play.

5) primordial drake - as someone who prefers slower decks, I got a ton of mileage out of this card even in a non dragon centred deck. Might be the card I will miss most TBH

Cards I won’t miss

1) Lich king - Ragnaros got HOFd because he was too popular. Why is Lich king ok again? Also, hoping that someday, they will correct his card text to read “at the end of your turn, 75% chance to add either army of the dead or doom pact to your hand”.

2) bloodreaver guldan/rexxar - the two most blatantly overpowered hero cards. I used a lot of guldan and it’s power level was just ridiculous. He blew Jarraxus, a previously powerful card, out of the water so badly the card was never seen again. Don’t think anything needs to be said about rexxar that hasn’t been said already

3) caverns below - it appears to be finally dead after multiple nerfs but here’s hoping that blizzard never makes a mistake like this again. One of the most poorly thought out cards ever printed.

4) Ultimate infestation - the card that destroyed my favourite class. Stupidly overpowered version of ancient of lore released after that card was determined to be a problem because it was too strong and an auto include. Single handedly removed all drawbacks from ramp allowing druids to run double nourish where that card was often way too slow before. As usual, blizzard attacks the classic set instead of the real problem. Awful awful card that should have never been printed.

5) Vicious fledgling - quick let’s nerf innervate because you can’t have this card played on turn 1. I LOATHE cards like this. Happen to have it in hand with coin? You probably win. Anyone think it’s a good idea to have something played on turn 2 or 3 that auto wins you the game if it isn’t immediately removed? Apparently team 5 does. You can throw keleseth here too.
I doubt I can reduce all to 5's, so I'll take the liberty of pumping up on the selection here.

My Top 5 I will surely miss:

1) Unstable Evolution: released sandviched by 2 expansion which have been anything but good to Shaman, never had a chance of actually shining; the last of the "Evolution" line is going to leave, leaving only the almost unplayable "Big Bad Vodoo", possibly one of the funniest tools to Shaman; thankfully I play Wild.

2) Dead Man's Hand: possibly one of the only things I'll miss from the whole KotFT expansion; it'll be mostly playable in Wild anyway where there's also Coldlight Oracle to boot up its employment;

3) Un'Goro: overall, I'll miss this set probably the most out of the 3; it kicked off the year of the Mammoth fairly well, except for Pre-NERFS Quest Rogue, even if the 2 upcoming expansions made it a major disappointment; Kalimos, Primal Lord, Lyra the Sunshard, Elise the Trailblazer, so many other great Legendaries, I have to pick them all; also the overall flavour of the set felt spot on and overall fun to play (except for Pre-NERFS Quest Rogue); the Quests tho, they were one sided and made the match way too linear, even when attempting multiple approaches to complete them, it seemed there was only just one available, similarly to Even-Odd builds; if I had to pick just one, I'd say Kalimos, Primal Lord;

4) Valeera the Hollow: possibly one of the most balanced and combo enabler DK released in KotFT; it didn't feel cheap to play, didn't win games on its own and had a great deal of potential; it has to be the only DK I'll miss out of the bunch;

5) Zola the Gorgon: like the Flavour, the extra value it'd generate; overall one of the very few things I'll miss from KaC;

My Top 5 "GTFO from Standard Already!":

1) KotFT: too much powercreep on the game for some classes (Namely Druid, pre BAD nerfs; these just have to be addressed singularly), but most importantly, 90% of the Death Knights; the most busted ones didn't even specifically require you to build around them; you'd just include them for that extra boost/Hero Power upgrade. DK Jaina and DK Rexxar simply gave too much to their respective classes. Prince Keleseth has been a "High-Roll" similar to Barnes (getting it on curve could single handedly win you the game)for such a long time that it got boring to face; if I can only pick one from the whole set, I'd say ... No, I can't; I say at least all the DKs (except Valeera and Garrosh to an extent);

2) Ultimate Infestation + Spreading Plague: this duo has ruined the Druid Class: busted 10 Mana Spell in a class which excells at Ramping Up; this together with Spreading Plague has forced Druid of getting its Ramping Up ability demolished, due to no longer having any form of "punishment" for it; originally, ramping would mean investing Tempo and Value and more than easily put you in a topdeck situation; THAT, was fine. UI and SP broke this Taboo and effectively rewarded Druid for investing into Ramp, causing an unfair advantage felt by most of the community (except the developers). I hope that the rotation of these two will have Nourish and/OR Wild Growth unnerfed at some point in time (will probably not happen, but who knows); these come in duo; the only thing they plagued and destroyed was the very class in which they could be played; how ironic;

3) Nonsensical/Overly punishing Secrets: the whole mechanic of Secrets has been somewhat left unchecked recently, with only 1 poorly statted and "overly costed" Minion as Neutral deterrent to them and as a result, most Secrets builds right now chill on top of the foodchain; out of the ones that are actually rotating out, it's a draw between Wandering Monster and Explosive Runes for what I surely won't miss, probably the latter more, as I find the Classic Secrets from the Hunter to be even more annoying than Wandering Monster, especially Freezing Trap;

4) Psychic Scream: possibly the most busted Board Clear to this day; this was the bane of any interactive Board oriented/Midrange Build, completely negating the Board State for 7 Mana; enough of this, please.

5) Emerald, Jesper and Pearl Spellstone: spellstones were another example of poorly distributed power creeping among classes; out of all 9, these 3 stand out as the most annoying to play against, as way too in line with the Class's capabilities (Hunters could s*** Secret for instant upgrade, Druids could get so much Armor that they'd get a 1 Mana deal 6 way too often, Priests can play Spells for days);

All this is at least off the top of my head.

1. Cube
2. Vilespine Slayer
3. Voidlord
4. Spreading Plague
5. Emerald SS
6. Dusk Breaker
7. Shadow Visions


1. Quests
2. Weapons
3. DK's
4. Lyra
5. Kalimos
6. Lich King (should be classic set)
7. Zola
8. Tar Creeper
9. Sonya Shadowdancer, dancer for money...
Top 5 I'll miss:

1) Rin, the First Disciple. You never forget the moments you did destroy the opponent's deck.

2) Defile. Really was a test for a player's skill.

3) Dead Man's Hand. I couldn't make a deck with it but I loved the concept of the card.

4) Zola the Gorgon. A card I don't even have, but found it really cool and unique.

5) Cobalt Scalebane. Great budget card. I began around Kobolds and this was fantastic for me. Really cool art as well.

6) The Lich King. It's gonna feel like when WOTLK expansion ended in WOW. You can't believe Arthas is gone.

Cards I won't miss:

1)Prince Keleseth. Play it on curve, gain like 20%+ winrate? Even Combo like Shudderwock and Control like BSM were using this crap.

2)Carnivorous Cube. I can't believe this never received a single nerf.

3)Master Oakheart. Broken AF. It's Call to Arms on steroids.

4)Flanking Strike. Pure bull!@#$. Kill a minion, develop one of your own and also have combat initiative next turn.

5)Vicious Fledgling. Can win on the spot with the right combination of RNG.

6) Skull of the Man'ari. Singlehandedly made every deck out there run weapon removal.
Won't miss
I won't specify which cards I won't miss, the list would be heavily biased against Priest

Will miss
SERVANT OF KALIMOS (nnnnoooo baby!)
Stonehill Defender
Tar Creeper
Grumble (I had lots of fun with a Grumble + Keleseth + Bog Slosher cycle!)
Bearshark (secret hunter? spell hunter? I have been with the Beasts all along)

Honorable mention, my dear lovely Defile
My top 5... (updated since the thread got necroed)

Diamond Spellstone
Frost Lich Jaina
Carnivorous Cube
Bloodreaver Gul'Dan
Deathstalker Rexxar

... and a slew of others... honestly I don't think there has ever been a rotation with this many cards I could not wait to be rid of.

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