Such a fun game... yeahhhhh

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Opponent turn 3 plays minon mana crystal unstable evolution twice. Have no answer to clear the minon. Turn 4 for him unstable evolution 4 times for him. Game over. Such a fun f@g game... yeahhhhhhh
Games are decided on whether you have early cards or not. Getting rid of land like Magic has just shifts the mana screw into card mana screw. You draw like 3 8 cost cards in your early turns while your opponent has the nuts... Wow so strategic... almost like I sat there and watched my opponent kick my butt. This game is a struggle and frustrating to play since you have some control but not complete control. You basically roll dice hoping for the best a lot of times. This game preys on same type of people that love bright shiny things and sound effects, all while asking you to put in a ton of time to build a decent collection or start spending your hard earned cash.
unstable evolution should be limited. I agree, I've been hit with an early unstable and even with my control deck they snuck through and pulled off a 10 drop minion by like turn 4 or 5. Thats unfair, it should be limited. How is this card unchanged but a 1 drop 1/3 that pumps gets noticed so quickly?

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