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Horrible card design, ALWAYS takes the best minion and swings the game too much. Terrible, terrible card design for arena. Needs to be removed asap.

Also wanted to throw this out there:

3/3 that removes a "random" enemy minion (by random I mean their best one) without triggering it's deathrattle if it has one, and also creates a copy of that minion for you....... for 3 mana. Some balance.
11/25/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Spaceman
ALWAYS takes the best minion
No it doesn't. Those are just the occurrences that you remember most.

11/25/2018 08:48 AMPosted by Spaceman
Some balance
MCTech is strong if you can play it on a wide opponent board. But often it's a dead card in my hand because my opponent has 3 or less minions and 3 mana for a 3/3 with no effect is a bad use of mana.
Oh but you wouldn't know this because you wouldn't know that one of the cards in my hand is not played because it's MCTech and your board was never wide enough.
So it's either complete crap or very powerful? Sounds like horrible card design to me.
I agree with op completely. I just lost to a Druid that MCT'd my charged devilsaur and smashed my face. How am I to play around that, not play the fourth minion and lose either way? Please nerf somehow or remove from arena Blizzard
12/02/2018 08:40 PMPosted by Goesto11
How am I to play around that, not play the fourth minion
If you're ahead, yes. Stick to either three strong minions (and keep the rest in hand for a quick refill in case your oponent finds a board clear), or go wide with lots of small minions where MCT doesn't hurt as much. Or bate out the MCT by playing four minions that are just strong enough while holding back your real threats.
If you are behind on the board, you often end up just having to take the risk. Play minions to contest the board and accept that lots of cards (not just MCT, any board clear has the same effect) will be the final nail in the coffin. You don't get back from behind by avoiding risks.

I do like to pick MCT when it's offered (though it's not an auto pick). But in reality, I often end up having it in my hand until I finally decide to just play it as a 3 mana 3/3 tempo play - either my opponent is smart enough to not give me a target, or I am already ahead on the board and I don't need it.
Its annoying. Playing around it perfectly but opponent plays card that summons crap minion on my side and gets my violet wyrm off course, my by far biggest minion.
That's gg right there for a game that was completely won against anything (even deathwing or whatever) besides for stealing my wyrm by giving me extra minion first. It is very annoying and stupid.
Yes there is rng and that's fine,but rng swings like this are stupid.

Mct also won me 1 game during this run (10-2 atm) which I should have lost so I guess its fine (yes I also pick and play mct lol) but overall it is not a satisfying experience.
MCT should be removed from Arena. Unlike constructed where you can tailor your deck to answer things in Arena sometimes the only answers you have are to make a wide board and for its cost MCT is too much a punish vs an AoE that cost twice as much or more and doesn't give your opponent an extra 3/3.

Compare it to Duskbreaker. Duskbreaker costs 1 more and nukes your side also and its a class card compared to a neutral. MCT is often better than that when it takes the best minion and often the choice to play around MCT is leave yourself open to any large minion play your opponent has or extend the clock for multiple turns. More often than not you are not in the position to play around MCT because its a !@#$ty lose/lose option. Lose if you play your 4th minion or lose because you didn't and that's a %^-*ty design for a card.
We Finally did it. MCT is now gone from Arena.
12/19/2018 02:30 PMPosted by Shuyin
We Finally did it. MCT is now gone from Arena.
Bracing myself for the incoming flurry of "not enough removal" / "just spam minions and who draws best wins" / "no strategy" posts.
Because, you know, people will always find a reason to whine.
Well would you look at that!

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