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A good amount of time has passed now in the Boomsday Meta and with the top decks having settled, we can clearly see the state of the game. I figured I'd round up some of the common problems/solutions to the state of the game. Any feedback is welcome. If I've missed any other points please let me know and I'd be happy to include them to the list.

  • The Meta has gotten Too slow and combo-orientated. Let me take you back to a few expansions ago. Patches was running rampant and people were cursing aggro decks, day-dreaming of a control-dominant meta. Fastforward to the Frozen Throne Meta where patches got nerfed and Cubelock and Razakus priest exploded throughout the meta. Now we're in Boomsday and due to the slowness of the meta and blizzard printing combo cards, we're seeing a meta ruled by combo decks and slow decks. It used to be that aggro was the counter to these decks but an increase in good neutral taunts and lots of stabilization tools has seen their numbers really go down. Sure aggro is still around in the form of zoo, odd paladin or Odd rogue but these decks are much slower compared to the aggro decks we used to have, like Pirate warrior, Aggro shaman or Murloc Paladin and they simply don't do the job at suppressing these combo decks.
    Possible Solution: Print less powerful neutral taunts and print some aggressive cards again . Recent expansions have had no love for aggro and we need it. Even if you don't like aggro, the deck type is essential for the health of the game. Without it, the meta becomes too slow, boring and stale.
  • Druid has too many powerful staple cards, is too flexible and doesn't have enough weaknesses. It's not a secret that too many druid decks that mostly use the same cards are top tier in the meta. You have Taunt Druid, Togwaggle Druid, Malygos Druid, Token druid and Mechathun druid, to name the most popular one and apart from their win condition, their core cards are mostly the same, showing that their cards are too flexible. I remember a time when Druid had actual weakness. It only had swipe meaning it was weak to wide boards. It didn't have much heal so it was weak to aggro. It didn't have a lot of card draw which meant that you had to be really lucky and draw Nourish(Remember? We used to use Nourish for draw! Not ramp!) and they didn't have hard removal so they had to forcefully run a mulch. Nowadays, cards like spreading plague, branching path, ultimate infestation, naturalize, spell stone and ferocious howl remove all these weaknesses and in combination with druid's already powerful classic set cards like Wild Growth, Nourish, Swipe and Wrath, create a powerhouse class that is weak to nothing. Their armor gain and heal puts Warrior and Priest to shame, their single target removal makes control warlocks cry and their board clears and constant ramp and card draw makes them an aggro deck's worst nightmare, where it used to be their best matchup!
  • Possible Solution: Nerfs! A bunch of them. Design the nerfs so Druid has some weaknesses again. Something needs to give here. Druid right now is a Jack of all Trades AND Master of some. Druid needs to become weak to certain strategies again, nerf their heal or board clears so they can at least be weak to aggro again.[/li]
    Polarity comes from ultimate win conditions, rather than individual deck strength. Its because of infinite, inevitable win conditions. Odd Warrior's inevitable win condition is armor, Quest Rogue's is cheap infinite 4/4s, Togwaggle is fatigue, that sort of thing. Either you kill them or you don't, and some decks can do that and some can't. On the aggressive side, Baku decks start strong and you can deal with them or you can't. Alu'neth Mage is a deck of limited damage that they will draw most of the time, so you can either outlast it with armor/healing or kill them first.

    Simply put, if a deck's win condition is only a few large, powerful threats or plays, then you can counter them. You can establish a board that deals with them. But when the win condition is "throw a bunch of damage face" a class either can or can't deal with it. If it's Togwaggle either you can kill them fast enough or you can't. If it's "Tank up" and removal then you can either outlast their removal and apply pressure or you can't. Decks with only one game plan only have one strategy to beat them, and not everyone can do it.

    Token Druid actually has a fairly healthy polarity, so the Druid toolkit wouldn't appear to be the cause of the polarity. 1 of the 5 least polar decks being tracked, actually. It doesn't have an infinite win condition, it puts together a board that is very difficult (but possible) to deal with and then bursts you down with it.

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