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Hello Blizzard, nice to play your game
I have questions. I had my Heartstone game in my phone (Android) but i tried it PC and it's actually good, i try to change it to PC. But, my account is not binding with PC so i have to start the new one. How can i move my account from phone to PC? I already login with my Facebook and Email but still doesn't work :(
Can you help me? :(

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you all
there's no need to move your account from phone to pc because you use both the mobile app and the pc app with the same account.

if you can't log into the pc app with your mobile app credentials (email, password), I suggest hitting the "forgot password" button to reset your password and then try again.

if that doesn't work, ask support via a web ticket, which you can find here:
Did you sign in to the wrong region? Your card collections are region-locked, so make sure to log into the same region you used on your phone.

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