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my druids draft are always uber garbage, while every other druid i lose to has the broke back combo of filling the board with 2-2 tokens,and savage roar, sometimes even double savage roar

it looks like constructed bull!@#$, how the %^-* these lucky !@#$%es draft so lucky?

and these lucky bastards even dare to emote "well played"

like, ^-*!, don't you have eyes? how the @#$% am i supposed to counter a ^-*!ing constructed combo deck in arena?

this is so @#$%ing dumb, well done to whoever conceived the druid bucket list

bravo idiot
First: With this much profanity in a single post, it's hard to take your feedback serious.

Second: I always emote "well played" at the end of each game. Just as I would if I have played a game of chess, or any other game, with friends in my living room. It's the polite thing to do.

Third: I recommend tracking all your games for a while (hsdecktracker does this automatically for you; you can download it as hsreplay.net). If you then look back later you will see that some of your drafts are just as bad as you say they all are whereas others are better, And you will see that some of your opponents are just as OP as you say they all are but others have equally bad decks as you sometimes have. The human mind is a weird thing and we have a tendency to remember frustrating moments (such as being stomped over by an opponent with an OP deck) far longer then satisfying moments (such as crushing your opponents because you have a great deck).

And finally: Random is random. Random is not fair. It is definitely possible that you have had way more below average drafts than is statistically expected. Sad thing is, because random is random, and not fair, that will not change your chances going forward. You will not have a higher chance of good cards as "compensation" because random does not compensate. (On the other hand, you also do not have a higher chance of bad cards because random does not deliberately repeat either).

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