Zilliax vs Wickerflame Burnbrisle

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So what makes Zilliax better than Wickerflame? because the way I see it he cost 2 more and and only has one more attack and rush I run lynessa paladin deck and was thinking about adding one of them my deck which is already pretty mid to late game so thought that 3 mana might be a bit more favorable than a five drop.

here's my deck
Rush,magnetize and the fact that its in standard while wickerflame isnt?unless youre a wild player ofcourse
Zilliax is a 5 mana Mech that swings for 3, a key number to hit now, that can also function as emergency healing. If you wanna boil it down, it's a 5 mana flanking strike that summons a lifesteal and taunt.
Rush is the main thing making Zilliax better than Wickerflame.

Also, being a Neutral helps the mech find a home in more decks than the Paladin Legendary. Especially for classes that have restricted access to healing (as opposed to Paladin & Priest).
The immediacy of Rush is a big game changer. You WILL get the healing and he WILL do the damage at least once before your opponent can possibly drop a silence on him. Plus, 3 attack is considerably more potent than 2 when it comes to removing an opponent's threat from the board.

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