Top 5 Sounds We (Love to) Hate

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"Truth is found in death!"

"My jaws that bite, My claws that catch!"

*Insert random insect skittering*

"Light the fuses!!"

"My greetings." (Malfurion's voice)
"That was a miss" x 99


"How long ca---" "How long can this go on" " this go on"

"Insert the sound rogues ability makes when he summons his daggers."
Engaging TC 130 Mental Dislocater

Tonight a Tale of True Terror

Both give me nightmares
Mostly this one, lately.

Mushroom power!

Especially in arena
"We be taking this now. Is kobold way"
Fly, Polly! *clunk* I'M IN CHARGE NOW!

10/25/2018 08:00 PMPosted by xFoobs
Tonight a Tale of True Terror

Gorge your hatred, embrace your rage
When opening packs.........

Look over shoulder at my friend.......
"WA!!! Golden Legendary!!!"
"Ungoro belongs to the Titans!"

'What do you ask if me?"
"All will serve!"
"What mess have you summoned me to?"
"Hm, Well Played"
"Hello! Hello! Hello!"
My winged children fill the sky--a hundred kings will rise again

"My v-jay burns with holy fire"

"I will fight with honor"
I must protect the wild!


The forest fights back!
look at all these sounds.. just
I absolutely despise whatever sound the Hench-Clan Thug makes.
"Well played"
"Thank you"
From literally any hero
"Somed..." "Somed..." "Somed..." "Somed..." "You require my assistance?"
"My eyes are open" - Earthen Ring Farseer
I just really love it, i always think about he is on a techno festival and snorred to much cocain :D

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