Quest paladin/lynessa deck (HELP)

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What better for the deck Zola the Gorgon and 2 djinni of zephyrs
The voraxx and 2 faceless manipulator
Why not Zola and two Manipulators
Because I feel like dijinni would help a lot with getting the quest
Djinni does not trigger the quest with the bonus spell, exactly like the voraxx does not count as double tick for it. Zola is incredibly strong in this deck, voraxx is ok but generally Lynessa is what count to win.
Could you please explain why exactly zola is so good ? as well as what cards go well with her besides copying Lynessa. also do you think Faceless manipulators would be good in this deck?
Zola can copy the murloc that deathrattle back your buffs if they silence it for starters. Zola can also give back any value minions like saronite chain gang or divine shield taunts when you need them. Borax is just gonna eat hard removal after you buff it a bunch a make their removal that much better. By the time you can play borax AND a worthwile buff the opponent will probably have board and potentially be able to.ignore your stuff until you try to spike ridge buff. At which point they will silence it and continue to hit face.

The goal in the lunesta deck is to play sticky things and aggressive early win cons to force early spellbreaker and bounces so that Lynessa can come down unopposed late game. At it's most efficient the deck will play long grindy games that go to the last couple of cards left in an opponents deck. You fight their deck not their life total.
djinni's are funner...

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