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Infinite unstoppable evolution?

He had the 2/3 priest decrease spell cost minion somehow and then got infinite unstoppable evolutions. Like 30? until his turn ended.

Mostly just... Is this an exploit???????
No, its the way the two cards interact when an evolution produces the random minion that reduces the cost of spells by 1. No exploit at all.
Oh I was just meaning a runaway turn. It led from sure victory to sure defeat.

I was probably sour at the time. (but that was like an hour ago)
Typical use of an exploit is something that is technically not a glitch or cheating in anyway, but is still unintended. So no, reducing the cost of a 1 mana card by 1 to 0 is intended. Echo places the card back into your hand after you cast it as intended. The new card has the original mana cost, and is affected by state based effects like Radiant Element, also intended.

So it's not an exploit, but to say that it wasn't something you expected would be perfectly reasonable. I know I wouldn't be looking for it to happen.
sometimes you get a lucky random minion evolve or card steal

When you are priest and have 2 radiant elementals and steal Sound the Bells! then you just instantly win the game
If you are playing evolution right you should evolve all your 1 drops first in case you get a sorcerer's apprentice or radiant ele , both of which will reduce it's cost to zero allowing you infinite evolves (well until end of turn!).

It actually happens reasonably frequently if you always follow the best evolve path as totems evolve into 2 drops so you often get two or three shots at hitting a mana reduction minion.
Still waiting for the day someone turns their whole board into the darkness.
I got that spell once and with my last mana i upgraded a minion to the Grand Archavist one and erased my entire board (five or six minions vs his one) with my 30+ armor flurry... i was about to win but i lost instead. :( No exploit however. Mana reducing minions reduce mana.
I mean, most people are just going to wind up with a bunch of vanilla 8/8s since they tend to over-evolve when this occurs.
I've never thought of this trick before. It sounds pretty fun, but I never got into thief priest, or whatever others call that with all the card copying. oh wow, what if you chameleos'd that evolve card?? :D the power!

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