Which card do you value more?

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The problem I have with Raptor is the low cost spells that kill it: Jasper spell stone, backstab, holy Smite, arcane shot, breath of sindra, etc. The crock would survive all that.
I repeat I have the absolute best answer for this. Its an answer so good My pick might be nerfed to 2/2, so good all rigged posters stop for a day, so good I get a congrats call from Brode.

The answer is River Croc because....wait for it.....a bit more......just a tad extra.....because TOOMGIS!
10/17/2018 10:10 PMPosted by Teo

One of the things I hated most when I was new was my opponent playing a 2/1, and having only a Bloodfen Raptor playable.

Crocolisk can't be traded into by most 1 drops, making it slightly more universal.

But then it sucks when they drop a 3/3 instead for turn 3 and free trade.
River Croc...kill you Opponent's one drop and damage there two drop
I don't like seeing any of these 2 in a game. Makes me want to insta-concede to help improve the new player experience.

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