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I quit until the gabberwock card is changed. I just played a person who used a combination of that card and another to play continuous free minions. I've spent a lot of money on this game, and will not be looking back. While I enjoy it, this has ruined that for me. I am uninstalling it, and until that card has expired from general play I will not return. Basically, I get the purpose of it, but ultimately the existence of !@#$ like this has ruined the fun of the game. Maybe if this is standard practice then these games aren't for me and I will spend my money elsewhere.
I understand your sentiment, but thankfully I have no idea what you are talking about.

I take it it is some cut and paste deck at ranks higher than where I play as I haven't had any trouble with it.

Where I am it is the moon eater paladin and double health/match health priest, isn't that Baku?

I don't bother studying the most current flavours as I prefer to enjoy games not try to optimise them.

Blizzard should open up the platform so that players can have easy to access bot scripting, that way they can just program in their plays and then just press run.

If it incorporates 'find opponent' they can leave it running 24/7/365 and never have to even worry about checking the screen.

I am sure you could easily get to rank 5 simply by hammering away autonomously and continuously quite easily and everyone will look on in envy at your 1337 scripting 5k1llz.
It's a Tier 3 deck, and a very low Tier 3 at that. Hell, Shaman has TWO decks that are better than Shudderwock, one of them Tier 1.

A deck that's like 19th in power according to VS isn't the one to be worrying about. Most decks have a win condition; Shudderwock's win condition just takes a lot of game time to implement, I guess dragging out the 'suffering' for folks like you. If you see that the game is lost, just concede.
"I enjoyed Hearthstone for yeeeears. Then I had that 1 game yesterday that flushed it all down the drain. My opponent drew better cards than me and it was terrible."

Some decks just counter others. How frustrating do you think it is for odd warriors these days with Mechathun lurking around... Throwing a fit cause of 1 deck is meaningless. I bet there are other decks that your winrate would be even lower against. Maybe played more than Shudderwock to boot.
I have countless games where there comes a turn I see my opponent has already won. Nothing you can do. Just "Well played" and move on.

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