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Looking for friends in hearthstone I can play against please add me
need to post your battletag like this

Bruemeister #1720

feel free to add me
sennaseven#1338 feel free to add me at this posting i still have 2 gold quests to go
ooh, I love new hearthstone friends! :D

Lemonbrainz#1777 <battletag
I'm finished with all of my quests, but I'm always looking for more friends to spectate and/or play for a quick 80 gold.

If you're on NA and need someone to play feel free to add RogueToad#1781

Also, if anyone ever needs a spectate win, just whisper me and let me know and I'll gladly hop into a quick AI game for you. I'm always glad to help out.
I need 3 more games for my quests. Add me if you need some games also, fast games... we start, you smash my face => collect!

Thanks it was 5 very quick death... and lots of funny moments!

I recommend to play Even Warlock if you play the role of the beaten ;)
I also need friends! My actual friends have been bums and haven't been playing much lately.

Please shoot me an add if you want another person to complete these friend quests with, or if you just want someone for spectating / play a friend quests in the future.

sleepyshaman#212301 on EU, let‘s get all that gold!
If you ever get into the "Wild" side of things, feel free to add me (AlienOne#1844).

Keep in mind, I make all Wild decks exclusively, so you won't be able to challenge me in a Standard setting. But, if you're interested in learning/getting better at Wild, I'm your man! :)
looking for a friend to do the quest with and any daily quests if there up for it

Region EU:
Battle tag : BoYa3gaQ8 #1544
Max Rank 19

Love to actually complete quests involving friends :P

Let’s battle!
Done my 5, thanks all!

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