Real Bad Lag

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Help! I've got lag! The only lag is playing cards/ hero power. It's slow enough that I can't really play any decks that require anything complex. I'm playing on a macbook pro. So far I've tried the following without any luck.
1. Delete and reinstall app.
2. Delete cache manually.
3. Scan and repair.
4. reset in-game settings.
If anyone has any other ideas that would be great.
I'm getting a lot of bad lag too whenever I try to 'Play' standard or wild. I generally get kicked because it takes far too long to connect. I haven't tried any of the above yet but it is very annoying. It has only been happening for the past few weeks. I'm running the latest OS Mojave.
Now I'm getting disconnects when trying to Find an Opponent. I'm getting booted from potential games more frequently. Very frustrating problems, I can barely play. Blizzard please help...
It must have something to do with OS X Mojave. I tried logging into Diablo 3 and it did the same thing, it booted me because it took too long to connect. I'm not sure how to clear the cache manually but that could be the problem, as ever since I've upgraded to Mojave the cache seems to take a long time to process when visiting new internet pages. Anyway guys, I hope you can fix this in a timely manner as I love playing your games.

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