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Step one: HALT the practice of influencing draft rates. Arena's bread and butter was minion-to-minion combat, this NEEDS to be the case again. Stop shoving spells into players' drafts.

Step two: make it permanently wild. It's fun randomly picking from 1000+ cards.

At the very least create second arena mode with these conditions met.
Some minions (and if you take wild, its quite a lot actually) are a lot stronger than event the strongest spells (like any "at the end of your turn" cards are all broken as f).

if you add: "Step three: drastically tone down power level of ALL cards" it could be a good way to fix hs globally, not just arena. But that's sadly not what Blizz likes to do, they love imba and op in everything...
I don;t even understand the Arena at this point. I either get offered a garbage deck or a constructed deck. There's no balance at all in how the cards come to you.
Well, the first step is to design sets with Arena in mind, not just a cross between top-down and "So, what do we do with Standard this time?"
I feel like I'm on the garbage side of decks. I haven't gotten a single legendary during this event and after 3-0 I face nothing but decks with top quality legendaries.
I've also want to stop the win more cards the guy that one the 15k usd competition I quote 81.5% going first and 70.3% going this was 52 runs over 8.33 average that's insane hes 15% more likely to lose and I quote... if u draft aggressive going 2nd and they curve out and u get fungaled etc ure done he just concedes saves time and grinds on.... pathetic horrible system how sad

The problem is win more cards like bone made death speaker scalebane fungal was giggling at one stage basically natural stone stop those cards and it helps a lot the winning first vs 2nd is a huge issue I have about the same cuz the win more cards always favour the one that goes first.... that's insane in high win decks because everyone curves out so basically 1st guy gets fungal off the going 2nd guy gets jammed in the rear till hes bloody red not fun
i disagree, if anything there needs to be more spells, like alot more

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