How should I spend gold on each new Expansion?

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When it comes to opening packs for new Expansion, I often see people suggest to save up gold then to buy a bunch like around 50 packs at the new expansion, and then stop, start saving for the next Expansion. I'm F2p, and I can earn enough gold for 50 packs for each expansion.

However, I don't play much Ranked since I don't have the strongest deck, and mainly because it is too grindy for me. I only have time to play about 4 matches a day. So, my option is mainly to play Arena. Thus I think I can concentrate my gold in Arena and "earns" pack slowly that way. Between daily quests and Arena rewards, I turn out slighly profit so I can keep earning packs this way.

But obviously at the rate that I play, to earns 50 packs would probally take me around 2 to 3 months may be. Meaning by the end of the expansion is the time when I may be opening my 3rd legendary of that expansion.

While I don't play much ranked, I do enjoy trying out new cards on daily quests or to get to rank 20 to get the golden card.

So I'm stuck between which way should I do? Buying 50 packs at the beginning or play Arena gradually to earn those?

I cannot really tell you what you "should" do because you probably enjoy other aspects of the game than I do.

I can however share how I save for packs. And note that I see a lot of parallels between you and me in your self-description.

I play 100% F2P, and my time to play HS is sometimes more limited than I would like. However, I do almost always manage to log on daily, and to clear out at least one quest slot when all three are full. And when I have more time I often clear more quest slots - allthough I also try to leave 50g quests until midnight and reroll them (I try really hard to maximize my quest gold!).
I also make sure to play the Tavern Brawl each week until at least one win (for the pack).

Most of the remaining play time I spend in Arena. My average run has 4.25 wins. My overall earnings (Arena, daily quests, and sometimes a few ranked runs for 10 or 20 gold extra) allow me to slowly build my gold. I don't know the exact number but it is somewhere around 1000 gold per month. That means that at the start of each new expansion, I can buy 35, 40, or sometimes even 45 packs.
Since I also get packs for the new expansion from the arena, and sometimes get packs from special promotions, I usually have opened at least 100 packs of each expansion by the time the next expansion is released.

As to the effect on my collection - when an expansion is released I usually already have all common cards and most rare cards of the previous expansion, plus a fair set of epics. I usually have between 3 - 5 legendaries though.
I also have lots of duplciates, and a nunch of loose dust from the arena rewards. So I can craft cards if I want to. I avoid dusting cards if I don't need the dust right now - that's a trick I "stole" from watching a streamer (I think it was Kripp) to maximize profits from nerfs. For instance, when recently Mana Wyrm was nerfed I had 10 copies that I could then all disenchant for full dust value. If I had dusted them as soon as I received the duplicates (as a lot of people do) I would have had far less dust.
My personal rule is stop buying an expansion once I start getting surplus rares regularly from the packs, especially when all the 5 cards from the packs are extra.

While saving gold for the next expansion I mostly focus on my quests and try to ladder.

When the the next expansion comes. I switch to arena and spend the accumulated gold there to get the packs for the new set gradually and learn what synergies and stuff to look for in the next expansion. I don't do ladder this time, it takes time for the meta to settle anyway.
I buy around 50 per expansion with quest gold and none inbetween and even then I consider at least 25 of those packs are a waste of time.

As Calmarius said - you start to get duplicates pretty quickly which is around 15 packs.

I get 4 or 5 duplicates per classic pack now and they are the ones I rarely bother to get free as there is no point wasting gold buying them any more.

Which in turn doesn't make me bother much to get the free ones, why grind through something as appalling as the headless horseman simply to get 4-5 cards you already have and 1 of the 2nd? You can get that in 2 days quest gold.

It is the same difference - you get 50 packs, one you can do straight away with no more work than opening them, the other takes A LOT of work but you get to play and have an objective.

If you enjoy being stomped in arena go for it, personally if it wasn't for the dailies I wouldn't even have the game installed, I would never play competitively even for one pack.
Well, Arena will be more profitable, but as you said it will be much slower to get those 50 packs.

You could try to divide your gold - spend 4k on packs and leave 1k for Arena runs. If you are good at Arena maybe you can even reach more gold than you started with. However, if you do this you might wanna keep the track of your additional gold from dailies so that you don't exceed your starting 1k limit, otherwise you might not have much gold left for the next expansion.
Based on what you said. You can reserve 1000 gold for the new expansion which guarantees a Legendary in the 1st 10 pack. The remaining can be juggled between your arena runs and/or packs.
The reason 50 packs is thrown around is because 1) it's easily doable, and 2) you hit 2 pity timers, so you're guaranteed to get at least 2 legendary cards (unless you open one from promotional packs first.) Also, with the average legendary drop being about 1 in 20, your odds are very good that you will get 3 legendary cards. 50 packs also gives you a decent assortment of commons and rares with which to begin enjoying the expansion.

How else you invest gold depends largely on your collection (unless you're just planning to dump most of it into Arena.) A strong Classic collection is essential, and until you hit diminishing returns (where most of your packs are just dust) it's the best value for any free-to-play player, as it never rotates out of standard, and any of its cards that get nerfed or HoFed get their dust value back.

After Classic, you have to see where the most/best cards are that you want for your collection, and open packs for those sets, though not investing too heavily in sets due to rotate out soon. For example, except for the 10-pack legendary guarantee, you don't want to invest too heavily in sets like Frozen Throne, Un'Goro, and Kobolds, as they only have about 6 months left in Standard. They are still worth having, but are extremely low priority.
Hi all,

A question: I heard about no duplicate legend when open packs. Let's say I opened Nozdormu classic legend. If I dust it, will I by chance, open it again for my next classic legend?

11/02/2018 02:30 PMPosted by HHH
Hi all,

A question: I heard about no duplicate legend when open packs. Let's say I opened Nozdormu classic legend. If I dust it, will I by chance, open it again for my next classic legend?


Yes, if you dust it, you guarantee that you will open it again someday (assuming you open enough packs to get all of the Classic cards.) You really should avoid dusting cards from sets that you still want cards from. Dusting Classic legendary cards is the biggest waste of gold/dust in the game, as you are essentially destroyng 1600 dust to get 400. For a set that you are completely done with, sure, dust anything you decide you can live without, but you get Classic packs from Tavern Brawl so you are only 'done' with that set once you have all of the cards that you want.

EDIT: Just to be clear, there is no guarantee that it will be your NEXT legendary unless it's the last one you need for the set. If you need like 10 Classic legendaries to complete your set, there'd be like a 10 percent chance that you would get it next.
I typically spend *all* my gold at each new expansion. This normally nets me with around 50-60 packs depending on how much I play / how many hearthstone events occur during each month. I play every day - a minimum of 3 games per day.

30 days x 50gold quests = 1500 gold per month from quests (minimum)
10 gold per 3 wins x 30 days = 300 gold
1500 from quests + 300 from wins = 1800

A new expansion normally comes out every 3 months which means you can save:
5400 gold between each expansion

Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Mulligan your pack quests for gold quests.
Tip 2: Make friends! (increases your likelihood of getting 80 gold quests from your friends)
Tip 3: Mulligan 50 gold quests to try get higher 60-80-100 gold quests
Tip 4: Play tavern brawl - games are often quick, which translates into more wins --> more gold / 3 games played.
I generally stockpile gold about the second month or third in the expansion. I generally have 50+ packs by the launch date. It helps that gold drops for quests have increased a little.
11/04/2018 03:03 AMPosted by Liell
A new expansion normally comes out every 3 months which means you can save:
5400 gold between each expansion

Shouldn't you end up with closer to 7200 gold. Aren't there three expansions a year. That would mean expansions come out every 4 months, not 3.

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