Guaranteed legendary out of 10 packs? help me!

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So im not SUPER NEW, iv'e opened some packs and i do know my main deck but i just heard something about a guaranteed legenadry out of each 10 packs of an expansion. So is it real? if so is there an easy way to know from what pack i got the legendary? (cause im pretty sure i got one already from the classic)
you get a legendary from one of 10 packs from each set the first time you open 10 from that set, after that its every 40, so open 10 classic, and you get a legendary, then open 10 boomsday and so on tell youve opened 10 from each
If you haven't dusted any legendary cards, you can figure it out pretty easily. Go into your collection and search for the word legendary. That will show you only your legendary cards. If you are generally familiar with the cards, you can see which sets you have a legendary from; if not, you can right-click a card to see which set its from OR filter it to show only Un'Goro or whatever.

Keep in mind that you should have one death knight from the Frozen Throne adventure plus Marin the Fox from the first time you opened a Kobolds pack. Those don't count as pack legendaries. Neither do promotional cards, so you should have at least 1 legendary from the set that was out when you started, plus a legendary from any set (like Boomsday) that has come out since you've been playing.

You should have at least 1 legendary from each set, and at least 2 from Kobolds, Frozen Throne, and Boomsday.

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